Mohammed Sami Tabbaa (PMP, CPBC, TOT) Counselor, Coach, Trainer on

م . محمَّد ســـامي الطبَّاع

مستشار ، ممكِّن ، مدرِّب

مستشار معتمد في إدارة المشاريع

ممكِّن معتمد في مشاريع الأعمال

مدرِّب معتمد في التمكين/كوتشنج

السعودية ٢١٥-٥٥-٤٠-٠٥٥

و. امريكا ٥٨٦٣-٦٦٨-٩١٧

Mohammed Sami Tabbaa is a Project Management Professional (PMP) Consultant, Trainer and Certified Professional Business Coach (CPBC); backed-up with over than 18 years of experience after graduating as Master of Science (MSc) in Computer Engineering. His interests range from entrepreneurship to volunteering. He is also interested in education, reading, technology, motivating team members, consensus building, team building and coaching.

Mohammed Support Entrepreneurs, Project Managers and Business Owners; help them recognize ways in which they can improve their projects and their business and reach their targeted goals. He work right alongside entrepreneurs to break through the barriers that hold them back from building a successful business. Mohammed work with anyone who markets a service business, such as: Accountants, Attorneys, Architects, Coaches, Computer Professionals, Consultants, Designers, Engineers, Financial Advisers, Freelancers, Insurance & Investment Brokers, Distributors, Photographers, Real Estate Agents, Recruiters, Salespeople, Speakers, Trainers and Writers. He serve as a thinking partner, assisting his clients to grow, troubleshoot, overcome obstacles, discover the right path and stay true to their vision.

His approach is a blend of Project Management Consultancy & Professional Business Coaching. He is licensed and accredited through the Project Management Institute (PMI) and the Professional Business Coaches Alliance (PBCA).

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Mohammed Sami Tabbaa (PMP, CPBC, TOT)
Counselor, Coach, Trainer

KSA +966–554055215 & USA +1–9176685863
Saudi Arabia 055–40–55–215

If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to say hello via the numbers above or the website and the social links below

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