As much as it is both a symbol of freedom and controversy, United States of America still remains to be the destination that flocks millions from all over the world with its promise of delivering the best and what is better known as the “American Dream”. It is a spot where diversity in culture, race, religion and language meet, and are blend together.

The country over all is difficult to sum up in one sentence or one article. It is just the right thing to say that Globalization and changes in the world start from this corner of the world.

A United States Holidays can offer the traveler a breadth of sightseeing, adventure and views. From the Atlantic to the Pacific, the amusing American landscape encompasses of sweeping mountain ranges, National Parks, sun-kissed beaches and wide deserts. The best way to see America is through a road trip.

There has never been a bad time to have a US Tour. It is a vast country in a form of jigsaw puzzle with over 50 countries. It is a destination which always delights and thrills its visitors. Most tourists who plan a vacation to United States immediately think of Disney World in Florida and New York. But the real treasure of the country is less popular. Here’s a list of reasons to visit United States that is not so evident to people.

1. Access to the beautiful nature.

Every country has natural beauty but in many of the countries it is difficult to enjoy the natural world of the country. Some of these beautiful areas come as a tourist’s trap where visiting them turns into a brave adventure. But America has done a brilliant job in maintaining their natural wonders without destroying the environment.

2. Washington, D.C

Washington DC is spacious, beautiful, well-organized and cheap. All the tourist activities in Washington D.C are inexpensive because mostly they are all funded by federal tax dollars. This means that you can see the best art in the world free of cost. Beyond the museums, there are many things to do in Washington D.C and in the nearby region.

3. Live Music and Concerts.

Whether you’re a jazz lover, or prefer Rock music, all major American cities offer opportunities to hear live music in outdoor and indoor environments. Music concerts are like grand celebrations which get all the people a step closer to each other.

4. American Historical Sites

If you’re a history lover, then along the coasts of US are few cities that were once the birthplace of America. These cities can be a great way of learning the vast history that America has and everything about America’s past.

5. See bizarre and weird places.

Americas is known for building strange monuments. For example, in a city of California you will find the largest thermometer. Rural America is the best place to find such weird structures and construction.

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