Adding multiple locations to your Facebook Page

Thousands of page managers are currently looking for the information on how to add multiple locations to their Facebook Page.

So, what’s going on?

If you’re owner of a Facebook page with the address, the page is categorized as a “Place” and allows people to check-in.

You know that you have a “Place” page if you see a map on the left and have the “Reviews” section.

However Facebook doesn’t allow you to add
more than one location to the page nativelly.

If you want to have more locations for people to check in, you need to set up more Facebook pages, each with a different address. Which kind of sucks.

In the ideal world…

If you’re spending enough bucks on ads or you’re a major brand, you’re probably lucky because you have a Facebook rep in the address book and you can just call him:

You: “Hey Jeff, could you enable the Location structure for us please?”
Jeff, FB rep: “Sure thing, consider it done!”

Then you would be able to manage locations for your page like this, where “Add a location” sets up a new Facebook page for you with your current cover & profile photo, without number of likes and with a different address.

Image courtesy of

This is how the new location page looks like:

You would also be able to upload more locations at a time from a spreadheet like this:

Then you would have this magical “Locations” tab on your master-page with this nice map like Starbucks does:

Where every single tiny pin leads you to the local Facebook page like this one.

Huge advantage of this approach is that your locations are displayed on your page on all mobile devices, natively and you can check-in.

This approach makes a perfect sense, because each place have different opening hours, can communicate different / local deals and so on.

Unfortunately, this feature is not available to the mortals. Yet.

Hopefully, the “Location structure” will be accessible
to all pages soon, but there is no estimate or announcement yet.

The solution!

As the company specialising on Facebook Apps, we know how to get the most out of your Facebook page. And don’t worry, we have a VERY generous free plan that allows you to add the Locations tab to your Facebook page for free.

This is how your new Locations tab is going to look like on your page.
Hint: you can design the tab to look however you want. For example – you can add your corporate identity
A very simple design of the “Locations” tab.
And on the mobile.

How to set it up for YOUR page?

It’s only a couple of very simple steps.

First sign up for the Free plan of our custom tab builder by clicking on “Get started”.

Sign up here:
Custom facebook tab builder

Confirm the authorization dialogs so that we can publish the Locations tab the Facebook page on your behalf:

You can take back all permissions in your Facebook Account privacy settings for Apps.

Then you’ll land in the dashboard. Navigate to the Facebook page where you want to create the “Locations” tab and create new “Custom tab”

Then rename the tab to “Locations”, change the icon and most importantly — define the custom url.

Then click on “Edit” to design the Locations tab.

From there, switch to the “Content” card and drop a Google Map to the canvas from the top menu.

Add all locations to the map.

Then add all the location pins to the map and rearrange the default viewport of the map by double-clicking on it.

Resize and drag the map to the appropriate location. Then you should end up with something like this:

Design the rest of the Locations tab.

It might be a good idea to list the locations underneath the map by adding (or cloning) multiple TextBoxes:

If you need to, add any widgets right next to the map. Custom forms, videos, images, galleries, buttons, Twitter or Instagram feed.

If you’re happy with the result, hit publish.

And you’re done!

Finishing touches

Now we need to do last three things:

Change the title of the “Locations” tab
for Mobile devices

Add the link to the “About” section
(also for Mobile devices)

Go to your Facebook page and on the left, click to edit the “About” section. From there, add a short link to your “Short description”.

Reorder “Locations” tab under the cover photo so that it’s visible on your page.

As the last step, reorder the “Locations” tab to the first place on your page by clicking on “Featured” ⭐️ in the Dashboard so that it appears right below the Cover Photo on you page.

This is the end.

So you made it, congrats!

Now as a reward treat yourself with our lead-gen marketing game, or setup a Facebook Quiz contest :)

Any questions? Let us know at @tabfoundry.

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