Marketing Game Case Study: 14.3 days spent in the game, 674 new leads, 3 days and $871 in new sales

Aug 5, 2017 · 6 min read

Learn how a small spice shop managed to get $871 in measurable sales from a brand new customers with a ready-made marketing game.

Koreni od Antonina is a small spice shop located in Pilsen, Czech Republic with an online store

The Challenge

Being original in the B2C world becomes more and more challenging. Most of the businesses stick to discounts for each occasion or simple contests like “Write something in the comments…” which collects a lot of engagement, but zero email leads.

Larger online stores can afford creative and executive help of marketing agencies to be more original with their promotions, however because of the higher price of the service, the ROI of such activities is sometimes very speculative.

Principle of the game is simple. You catch positive objects and avoid negative ones. Game gets faster and faster. All game objects can be fully customised.

Such campaigns are sometimes more of a “we did something nice for our fans” rather than “we did something nice AND brought this much money back to the table”.

The Anthony’s Spice shop (located in Pilsen, Czechia) decided to do something original on the Valentine’s Day with a limited budget and built a Valentine’s Day game:

“Catch as many hearts as you can and win one out of 20 gift sets with spices”.

The contest had a very nice response in the audience and 727 participants spent over 14 days of time (!) in the game (344 hours, 48 minutes and 43 seconds) playing 16,627 times.

If you would like to see how to create create this game by yourself without any developers or agency involved, see the tutorial here

So how did they do it?

“Catch hearts” game for the Valentine Day

The goals

First, let’s talk about the goals. The spice shop wanted to achieve these objectives:

  • Engage and reward fans and existing customers on the Valentines Day
  • Acquire new customers
  • Get new leads

How did they do it?

The cornerstone of the promotion was the marketing game app. It was a ready-made Facebook Game app that was customised for the purposes of this promotion by the Anthony’s Spice shop staff in house in around 3 hours.

The principle of the game is to catch the “positive” objects (hearts) and to avoid the “negative” ones (coal).

Catching the heart gives you one point, colliding with negative objects (in this case it was only the coal) takes one out of 3 lives you have in total. If you loose all three lives the game is over and you have to start over. Players have unlimited number of tries.

The game gets gradually faster and faster to the point where it’s not possible to catch and avoid the objects. What’s important here is that each participant have different capabilities and / or device which makes the differences between players and ultimately builds the charts.

You wouldn’t believe the numbers. The most engaged contestant played 1,439 times (yes, one thousand four hundreds) which was more than 24 hours of gameplay, then other one 893 times (more than 15 hours), then 873, … averaging on 22.8 games and 28 minutes per participant in total.

You can try the actual translated game here, the Anthony’s Spice shop allowed us to place the game for the purposes of this case study on their Facebook page:

The Game visual editor,

The game has a very interesting feature and it’s the “referral bonus”. Imagine you tried to play the game 20 times and your top score is 160 points. You can’t get more points by playing, however the current winner in charts got 195 points.

There is a share button at the end of each game saying that you could get 10 extra points for each invited friend who also enters the contest.

This could sound like annoying spam but wait — imagine you have a friend who also cooks and could use the spices, or at least could have fun playing the game. So you only invite her / him with a custom message.

Once she / he enters the game, you get the 10 points bonus.

There is a customisable upper limit of referrals so that the referral bonus can’t be abused by cheaters. In this case, the spice shop set the limit to up to 50 points from 5 referrals.

In Anthony’s Spices case this referral bonus brought extra +108% of entries for free, doubling the result of organic and paid promotion for free.

Ultimately, you have friends personally referring other friends to the game to have fun or win prizes.

The Contest Post

Each contest needs promotion. In this case, two channels were utilised:

  • Website — the promotion was placed in the main part of the homepage as well as it was rotating in the fixed sidebar.
  • The homepage received 4,569 visits between 12th to 15th February and there was
    273 clicks to the contest in total in this time period
  • Facebook Post — text post describing the contest + video of the gameplay recorded with the QuickTime player
  • 16,073 people reached organically resulting in 348 link clicks
  • 17,831 people was reached with a paid promotion resulting in 129 link clicks
    ($40 USD, interests: Cooking, Seasoning)


  • 7,674 pageviews
  • 727 entries
  • 362 entries from organic & paid promotion
  • 365 from referrals
  • Games played: 16,627 (22.8 on average)
  • Time spent in the game: 344:48:43 (00:28:30 on average)

You can play the actual translated game here or read the tutorial on How to set up a custom marketing game today

It’s important to mention that these numbers are rather pessimistic. Sales counted within these results are only from people, who use the same email address for Facebook login and for online purchases at the same time. We estimate that it could only be around a half of the shoppers.

  • From the 727 entries
  • 76 was existing customers
  • 651 was new leads
  • At least 24 new leads later turned into new customers with no further promotions targeted at these leads and they spent measurable $871.3 in purchases. In reality, the promotion could bring around double of the above figure, however the results are un-measurable.


It is possible to achieve a positive ROI with a creative, original promotions that are fun thanks to a ready-made customisable marketing games.


If you would like to see how to create create this game by yourself without any developers or agency involved, see the tutorial here

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