Reaching out to friends:

It seems to be very interesting activity for me but my friends,relatives and siblings didn’t take it serious. Anyway I tried to reached out my friends one by one and asked them to share my strengths and weaknesses.

One of my friend which is very close to me told me that my strongest point is that I am not short tempered and I have patients to face criticism and my weak point is that I don’t believe people very quickly.

Another of my best friend shared that I am too much loyal towards my passion and commitment which very helps me to reach the mission and she also tells me that I am too much emotional one.Some one told me its my strength I always think before speak a single word.It was very in trusting for me to listen that from my elder sister I sleep over the limit.

Similarly some one my links shared me that I am very friendly and have helping nature and always try to make others happy.