10 Things You are Most Likely to Lose While Drunk

It is human nature to be forgetful. Lack of sleep is perhaps one of the greatest unappreciated causes of memory slips. In addition, drinking too much alcohol can interfere with judgment calls and short term memory. We all have had those nights where we got just a little too drunk and ended up losing almost everything from our pockets and purses. Because of nights like these, we have complied a list of the top 10 items that are most likely to lose while having a night out on the town.

  1. Your Credit Card

Let’s knock out the most common item first — your credit card. Luckily, it also happens to be the easiest thing to re-obtain since its probably at the bar where you forgot to pay your tab. The good new is that by using the Tabio app on your phone, you no longer have to deal with the hassle of tracking down your lost card. Tabio allows you to pay your tab through your phone. Thus you can forget about the payment and focus on the party.

2. Your ID

Just like your credit card, this can be easily lost. However, it’s not as easy to replace!

3. Your Friends

People have a sneaky little habit of running away to strange places, especially when in college. You can turn your back for a few seconds and then the next thing you know they have run off to a different frat party.

4. Your Hoodie

Wearing a jacket or hoodie out for a night of hardcore drinking is just about the worst idea. At some point in the evening, the alcohol will start to make you feel a bit warm and you’ll take it off. You might leave it on a barstool or on the floor of a dive bar. Either way, its most likely gone for good.

5. Your iPhone

You might set it down when in the bathroom or it might fall out of your back pocket. No matter what, loosing your phone is pretty much like saying goodbye to your whole social life.

6. Your Lipstick

For those girls out there that love to have some Kylie Jenner lips when going out, there is nothing worse than loosing that perfect shade of MAC or Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick.

7. A Hot Chick’s Number

Luckily in this day and age, when a chick gives you her number all you have to do is save the number in your phone. But depending on how much you had to drink, you might not have actually saved the number or due to memory loss, it has just become another random chick’s name saved in your contact list.

8. Your Car

Alcohol has this weird power of making you forget things that happened even before you started to drink. If you drove it to a friend’s place, got drunk, and passed out, the next morning you will have zero idea where your car is parked. Opt for Uber, it’s the safer way to go!

9. Your Keys

Just like credit cards and IDs, losing your keys can be devastating. There is nothing worse than realizing that you have no way of getting into your house and sleeping in your own bed.

10. Your Dignity

Cheers to blacking out!

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