How to Make that New Year’s Hangover a Little Less Harsh

Hungover? We have all been there. It is the familiar feeling that some of us know a little too well and try to forget as quickly as possible. But what if I were to tell you that one of the best cures to this head-pounding sensation can be easily found at your local convenience store?

Chinese researchers have suggested that chugging a Sprite the morning after is the perfect way to get rid of a hangover. That’s right, no hair of the dog is involved. While having a great time and drinking too much can certainly lead to a hangover, it is mainly how our bodies like to break down the alcohol that cause people to feel so terrible. The way Sprite works is that it helps the body better metabolize alcohol and helps speed up your ability to process aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH), which is thought to be responsible for hangover symptoms.

However, Sprite is not the cure to a hangover. It helps you rehydrate and in addition to some greasy foods, it will help make that hangover a little less harsh. Avoid coffee as much as possible because it can work as a diuretic, which will potentially make you feel much worse as a result of being futher dehyrated.

So next time, skip the sunglasses and advil and grab a Sprite. For those of us that like to watch our figure, opt for a soda water and kick that hangover to the curb.

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