Tipsy Traveller: Must Visit Bars Around the World

It is that time of year where everyone is starting to plan their summer vacations and graduation trips. For those of you that want to not only see different parts of the world, but also want to experience nightlife, here is a comprehensive of some of the coolest bars around. The next time you’re planning a trip, don’t just stop by the normal sightseeing spots and tourist traps. Research local bars that are favorites with the locals or totally different from anything you’ve been to before.

Rick’s Cafe — Negril, Jamaica

Take a jump off the cliff BEFORE having a few cocktails at this Jamaican hot spot.

Icebar by Icehotel — Stockholm, Sweden

Hate those packed bars where everyone’s sweating? Not happening here — the temperature inside Icebar is always –7 degrees Celsius. Put on your poncho because you’re going to get chilly. Everything from the walls to the bar to your glass is totally made of ice.

Carousel Bar and Lounge — New Orleans, Louisiana

Yes, this bar is made out of a merry-go-round that actually spins while you sip. Perfect for the kid at heart.

Red Sea Bar — Eilat, Isreal

This restaurant and bar is situated 16 feet below the surface of the Red Sea. The windows give you a gorgeous view of fish, coral, and other sea creatures.

Rock Bar — Bali, Indonesia

Built on the cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean, this bar is one of the best places to watch the sunset…possibly in the world.

While this is only a small list, these bars might even be travel inspiration in themselves!

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