22 Things I’ve learned…. so far

I’m jumping on the bandwagon, inspired by 2 amazing individuals who’s actions and articles have inspired me over the course of the past year and a bit— Sarah Stockdale’s and Victoria Limary’s

So here I am, on my 22nd birthday with 22 things I have gleaned from the experiences and insight I have had so far from my 22 trips around the sun.

My Pre-School Attire — Rocking those overalls and that striped sweater. #Fashionista
  1. Nothing ventured, nothing gained
  2. If you’re not doing something you enjoy, you’re doing it wrong
  3. Mom will always be the first one to wish me on my birthday (Even if it means calling me at 23:53 and making small talk for 7 minutes before she gets her wish in)
  4. With that said, Dad will make every effort to beat her (And fail); but he will always be the first to notice when something is amiss
  5. Your goals are your limits — Courtesy of my former supervisor (Thanks Estelle!) who pushed me to continuously do better, strive for more and never made me lost sight of my real goal to improve the student experience
  6. “Leadership is a philosophy. It’s an attitude. It’s a state of mind” — Robin Sharma
  7. Kevin Wang will always be the cause and cure for my concussions. (FYI — He’s the best.)
  8. Self-Deprecation builds character. 
    It is OK to make a fool of yourself once in a while. (Also extremely useful in a court room drama.)
  9. Take risks. Make Mistakes. Learn. Repeat.
    Welcome failure with open arms
  10. I will never be able to let go of the fact that everyone at Skule will wish me “Happy Birthday” every day. Every. Single. Day.
  11. But I will also never let go of the fact that this community has lifted me up, hoisted me on its shoulders and allowed me to explore a side of myself I never knew existed and I am extremely grateful for it. 
    Skule is Love. Skule is Life.
  12. Home Cooked Food can be made anywhere in the world and taste the same, as long as it’s made by Mom.
  13. While it’s important to be surround yourself with people who bring the best out in you, it is equally important to be around people who push you out of your comfort zone and make you try new things and experiences
  14. Grades are not the be-all and end-all of University. 
    There will be multiple chances to do better on the next test/exam/quiz but not a lot of opportunities for that 5 hour long talk from midnight to 5am with one of your close(s)t friends.
  15. Tabby Cat. I have accepted it.
  16. Books. Video Games. Anime. Manga. Comics. TV Shows. 
    All of these will shape your character and personality. Choose wisely.
  17. This video is important if you ever plan to lead/work in a team or interact with other people. It has shaped so much of my leadership style.
  18. I would not be where I am today without the help of amazing mentors, peers, friends and the network that has propelled me to do more, sing aloud, and enjoy life. Cherish them and the memories you make. 
    Pay it forward.
  19. Don’t take any relationship for granted. 
    Whether it’s with the guy at the Shawarma shop, who gives you extra meat and fries on your wrap; to the lady at the salon who can give you a “Tom Cruise” haircut all the way to the friends back home that miss you
  20. Animated movies (Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks etc) will always make me feel better.
  21. Try to do a little bit of everything to get a feel of it, but don’t commit unless you’re sure (Or even partly sure) that’s what you want to do. 
    Balance is Key.
  22. Finish what you started.