Revenge of The Muse

Tabitha Low
11 min readDec 9, 2022

A Creative Workshop In Ten Steps

Photo by Yosh Ginsu on Unsplash

Your Muse is very…very…angry with you.

You haven’t been paying attention to her, have you?

She’s been trying to inspire you.

She’s been trying to encourage you.

She’s been yelling and screaming and crying out for you to hear her, to listen to her, to LOOK at her.

Why haven’t you done so?

What have you been allowing to stand in your way?

What else has taken up so much of your time, of your attention?

Is it your computer? Email…blog surfing…web surfing…forums…chatting…more email again…

Is it work? Are you working too much? Working overtime? Too tired after work to play with your Muse?

Is it your family? Your housework? Are you too busy running to Yoga class so you can relax?

What is it?

You invited this Muse into your life at one time.

You asked for her help at one point.

You played with her. You engaged with her. You spoke to her. You listened to her.

And then, you stopped.

You turned away. You walked away.

For whatever reason, you moved on to other things and left her all alone.

But, you didn’t tell her to go.

You didn’t tell her to leave.

You told her you’d get back to her.

You gave her excuses and promises.

You told her that you’d make the time, when you had the time.

You feel guilty about abandoning her.

You feel sad about neglecting her.

You want to make things better.


Right now, your Muse is angry.

She gave her all for you and you turned away and ignored her.

Didn’t anyone ever warn you about that?

Didn’t anyone tell you that if you bite the hand that feeds you, that hand might just smack you in the mouth for doing so?