6 Staple Items Every Woman Must Own


Fashion trends come and go but there are some items that survive through the age of time that is essential to pull a closet together. I put together a list of a six staple items that every woman needs to own in order for her wardrobe to be the very best and that can go with anything. I must warn you, these are items you don’t want to go without, and it’s best to go with the highest quality for these items because you want these items to survive a long time.

1. Basic Neutral Tee: Soft, casual, and easy to layer on it’s no wonder why every woman needs to own a basic tee that is in a neutral color. Dress it up by adding a floral cardigan, stay casual by adding a leather vest, or keep it simple with a colorful accessory.

2. Dark Skinny Denim: There’s just something so sleek, neat, and stylish about a pair of dark skinny denim. They never wrinkle, you can dress it up or go casual, and it stands through the age of time. Dark skinny denim brings the outfit together in sophistication.

3. Neutral Colored Wallet Clutch: Wallet clutches are the best thing to happen since sliced bread. Why? Because a neutral color wallet clutch, especially a faux leather, adds classiness to any outfit for any event without the hassle of carrying a giant bag. You can carry your lipstick, important cards, money, license, and change.

4.Neutral Slip On Booties: I absolutely love neutral colored booties because they’re perfect for any season and a great transition item. Dress them up with pretty sundress or wear casual with distressed denim and a graphic tee. Trust me, you’ll love them.

5. Pearl Necklace Choker: Every wardrobe has to have a staple accessory piece. A single neutral band choker with a single pearl adds a classic touch to any outfit. Dressy or casual it’s a great versatile piece.

6. Little Black Dress: Every woman has to HAVE a cute little black dress. You can add heels and diamonds for that perfect date night or add a denim jacket and tennis shoes for a fun casual look.

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