Do You Love Yourself?

Do you love yourself? I mean do you TRULY love yourself? It’s easy to say yes, but when you start to really think about it do you value and respect yourself the way you deserve to be respected and valued?

If you answer no then be proud!

Say what!

Yeah be proud because it takes real guts to admit you don’t love yourself the way you should. In fact, admitting the hard truth to yourself is the first step in overcoming a problem, and not loving yourself is a problem. The next big question is how do you know you aren’t denying the truth.

Well ask yourself these questions. Do you apologize for every little thing you do, feel guilty when you do something for yourself, think about yourself in a negative manner, and let others speak over you and push you around?

You don’t have to answer these out loud, but truly reflect on your behavior and thought process about yourself. If you find it’s in an negative manner then you have a problem.

What do you do now? Well, now you turn your thought process and behavior around to reflect that of true love.

It’s time to fall in love again but with yourself!

Why? Because you are the perfect existence of everything that has ever been created. Nothing is random or coincidental. You exist because you were meant to exist! If that doesn’t blow your mind then I don’t know what will!

You deserve all that is good and worthy because you are worthy. It doesn’t matter if you are working fast food, living in the slums, or even sleeping in a mansion. You are you. Perfect, unique, one of a kind, and lovable.

When falling in love with yourself you need to remind yourself of this; people are cruel. But you are NOT the reason they are cruel. People will hate you, spread ugly rumors about you, spit on you, think negatively of you, and treat you terribly. But, it’s not your fault the way they treat you. They hate you because of their OWN inner demons. Knowing this, you need to let the ugliness of other people’s demons not get you down.

Regardless of how people treat or think of you, you are AMAZING. You are worth all opportunities and love.