The NRA’s issue here is a refusal to challenge the police.

Thank you for your feedback!

I recently developed a passion for writing controversial articles that, as, expected, have sparked a lot of backlash and debate.

An aspect that sets you apart form the rest is the obvious thought and time you applied to your response; I appreciate that greatly! I work hard to gather data and quotes to support my writing and it is refreshing to finally hear from someone who has done the same.

Your response contains substance and documented evidence that has persuaded me to see the side you are taking. I do agree: The NRA’s issue is in fact- not challenging the police.

With your permission, I would like to share your response on my Facebook page for two reasons:
1. Show that opinions can be expressed in a respectful and informative manner 
2. Give my audience a new viewpoint that is different from my own.

Please feel free to email with more feedback.

Thank you!

Tabitha T.

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