Table Mate

Have you ever thought of having a table to let you rest your books, laptop or food in bed without compromising with your body postures? Most of the time children at home argue for having food in bed or they also prefer to do their homework while sitting on the bed itself, but like thinking about their postures and bed getting dirty parents don’t agree for the same.However, now you can allow them for the same as there are various easy ways to go for the same.

Table Mate 2 is an impressive multipurpose furniture that can help you with a lot of ease be it eating, writing, reading, drawing or keeping a laptop. Not just indoor, you can also utilize table mate for outdoor activities including for trade shows, gardening, service tray table, etc. Table mate 2 is a portable folding table that slides right up to your body and provide optimum support for doing your work.The best part about the product is that it is easy to assemble without using tools and fasteners. It is highly adjustable and can lift to different height ad angles as per your requirement. Table mat 2 seems to be ideal for children, people who are facing mobility problems. The product provides utmost comfort and would allow you to do anything and everything that you might do at table surfaces.

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