Slow down sometime this Summer and start a conversation!

Happy Summer, TableTalkers! We hope you are relaxing and soaking up the sun. Though summer can pull us away from one another until we get back to campus in the Fall, summer can be the perfect time to engage in conversation with someone whom you typically aren’t able to reach during the year.

Sophie and the TableTalk Episcopal Team at Episcopal High School

Here are some fun summer conversation starters to #InitiateTheConversation and get your creative juices flowing! Let us know if you have any other ideas to add to the list!

If you could be anywhere in the world right…

By: Jaden Cloobeck

Jade Cloobeck throwin up the TT sign!

TableTalk Penn and the Polybian Society–a philosophical discussion branch of the Penn Government and Politics Association (GPA)–joined forces to relax on the comfy living room couches and chairs of the Polybian House! TableTalk Penn and Polybian merged their formats for this event to cater to both clubs members and to experiment with different ways to start the conversation!

First, Polybian’s moderator, Luis Bravo (Penn C’19), led a large-group symposium, which was followed by small-group discussion led by TableTalk facilitators.

Following, Polybian moderator, Luis, hit his judicial gavel on a table as he gathered our

attention from boisterous…

By: Kate Castle

Kate Castle, TableTalk Episcopal High School

On the first day of my junior year of high school, a hot, sweaty day full of uncertain anxieties, my English elective class, Protest Literature, took the Myers Briggs Personality Test. I had taken this test once before when I was in middle school, but personalities shift and change, influenced by people that they choose to associate themselves with, and I was interested to see how I grown as a person since eighth grade.

The personality that I got was INFP: Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving. A short, one word description that they gave this personality type was ‘mediator’. I interpreted this as ‘facilitator,’ and I took that as a definitive sign that I had found my place in TableTalk.

Flash back to late spring of my sophomore year when I first began facilitating at CampusCouches events, when TableTalk Episcopal was still in…

A Countdown to 2019

TableTalk Global has made great strides in 2018 and with 2019 on the horizon, we feel ready to take on the new year with new goals in mind. In taking a look back on the year 2018, we feel gratitude towards those who have believed in us and have taken the leap to start conversations on their campuses and in the world. In the last year, we have launched over 25 new chapters on both high school and college campuses, including Wichita Collegiate High School in Wichita, KS, as well as the University of California Santa…

By: Ellie Perlmutter

Ellie Perlmutter

Imagine me, a clueless 15 year old girl in her room, trying to figure out what to do for her first Table Talk event. She’s looking for some good questions for a nice conversation with her fellow classmates, teens, and teachers; she’s scrolling through questions made by TableTalk until.. BOOM, there’s the question she’s been wanting to ask all along:

“Why do we focus more on our outsides than our insides?”

This was perfect! A group of young teens being affected by social media, self worth, and body image everyday? How much better could that get?

When it was time to begin our discussion, I asked the question “Why do we focus more on our outsides than on our insides?” and the responses I got helped me figure myself out on a deeper level.


By: Anna Stern

Reflections After Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting

When I was a kid, I wanted to go to a non-Jewish school. I was tired of being around like-minded individuals day after day, year after year. I wanted diversity. I wanted to be around people who were different than me. I was more observant than my peers at my Jewish day school and ironically, I had to explain myself and my family’s practices to those who were similar to me. I was so tired of explaining why I didn’t spend money on Saturdays or participate in weekend sports even though I drove and used electronics. …

By: Hannah Green

This summer, I went on a ten-day trip to Israel and the Palestinian Territories with Santa Barbara Hillel on a program called Fact Finders. The concept behind the trip was to take a diverse group of students involved in various leadership positions on campus and provide them with a vast array of narratives and first-hand experiences in Israel and the Palestinian Territories. The motivation for this trip was to try and alleviate growing polarization on campus between students who are pro-Israel and students who support the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement against the state of Israel (BDS)…

By: Hannah Lottenberg

It’s okay to not be okay. That’s a sentence that one year ago, I wouldn’t have believed. Before getting involved in TableTalk, I lived my life on the surface, never really confronting my truest identity and self. Basically, I came to Penn as a positive, straight, happy girl who always saw the glass half full. I write to you all today as a lesbian cancer survivor with depression, anxiety, and a complex view on life.

Hannah holding up the TableTalk hand sign in her hometown

So how did that happen? Well, I grew up being known as the kid who is always happy, smiles all the time…

By: Claire Boehm

Claire Boehm ’20 at Episcoapl High School

On a breathtakingly luminous spring day I was walking out of the library when I noticed a couch in the middle of the brick pathway. I had just finished my hardest class of the day, I had missed breakfast, and was mentally and physically exhausted.

I noticed a motley group of kids sitting on the couches eating donuts and thought, “wow, what perfect timing.” I was salivating as I grabbed a perfectly frosted pink donut with sprinkles and laid back on the warm couch.

It was the morning of our last day of classes before exam week and we were undoubtedly stressed and exhausted, but we all cherished that moment of leisure. Conversation sparked fairly quickly and flowed freely for a few minutes.

Cecilia Moore ’20 at Episcopal High School

TableTalk is a mission and a movement that has been on the Holy Hill since the mid-winter of my first year here at Episcopal. Ask any student you see in the Dining Hall, on the way to the Center, or hanging out on Strip, and they will tell you the time they dread the most during the school year is that cold, gray, January to February stretch. Tackling research papers, spending dark evenings indoors, struggling to strategize a route to all of your classes that will minimize exposure to the elements, you name it. Last year, however, something changed.

The conversation was coming to the High School, and people were ready to start talking.



TableTalk helps students create new avenues and spaces for conversation, outside of the classroom, on campuses worldwide! Are you ready to #jointheconversation?

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