“Donut” know what I’d do without my TableTalk team

By: Claire Boehm

Claire Boehm ’20 at Episcoapl High School

On a breathtakingly luminous spring day I was walking out of the library when I noticed a couch in the middle of the brick pathway. I had just finished my hardest class of the day, I had missed breakfast, and was mentally and physically exhausted.

I noticed a motley group of kids sitting on the couches eating donuts and thought, “wow, what perfect timing.” I was salivating as I grabbed a perfectly frosted pink donut with sprinkles and laid back on the warm couch.

It was the morning of our last day of classes before exam week and we were undoubtedly stressed and exhausted, but we all cherished that moment of leisure. Conversation sparked fairly quickly and flowed freely for a few minutes.

Claire Boehm ’20 (right) at a TableTalk Episcopal CookieConversations event

We shared laughs when a freshman boy, known for being a class clown, walked by and cracked some quick jokes. The comical relief I received in that moment was essential. Once conversation halted for only a fraction of a second I perceptively looked around and noticed that I had not spoken a word to at least half of the people sitting on those couches prior to that moment. I shamefully admitted that I had not known some of their names until we shared donuts on that glorious day.

I did, however, notice how easy it was for me to learn their names, share common stories, and stuff our faces with donuts together in a matter of minutes.

I walked away from that couch slightly sweaty from the May heat, slightly anxious to get to class and do my work, but proud of myself and my peers for being so open to new experiences and new conversations.

Claire Boehm ’20 attending a CampusCouches event at Episcopal High School

In the midst of all the laughter and conversation, Olivia Tucker happened to snag a great photo of myself, the hilarious freshman boy, and Senior Taylor Redd, one week before her graduation — she’s now headed to Yale! This photo currently lives on TableTalk Episcopal’s Facebook page and is a constant reminder to me of the power of conversation. I am so grateful to be a part of the TableTalk team.