It’s not always evident how the environment contributes to a team’s productivity. Imagine that you are a guitarist that earned your place in a new band. If the band has ten shows ahead, that means a lot to you in terms of focus. Besides schedule, consider the various elements that may influence everyone to be productive — rehearsals, performance, audience, live footage, interviews, and a lot more.

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But what happens when the team’s environment is suddenly replaced? This is certainly one of the scenarios of how our modern world is adapting after COVID-19. In this new reality, teams are forced to collaborate in the online space to get their existing work done. This sudden jump makes it difficult for teams to grasp the situation, to perform as usual. …

The customer is always the light at the end of the tunnel

Let’s imagine a team that is running lean — a team that is learning using a design process intended to test their guesses. As they move forward with their first experiments, they find a potential customer that decided to test. This moment never comes like bad news: It’s happy, exactly because it’s a dent in the real world — it motivates, it reduces internal conflicts, and also means real opportunities for testing and learning.

Interaction with real customers becomes an achievement, a milestone, exactly because it creates a distance from hypothetical design (this customer is not your mom.) …

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This essay showcases a story of how a 6-year old girl successfully achieved her goal of bringing her aunt to her house to stay a night. Although her aunt wanted to visit her, the odds seemed impossible due to the number of competing events her aunt had on the weekends.

But this girl learned her way out because of her ability to read the environment and her creativity to make a plan that involved leadership and communication. …

No matter who you are and what you do. I am sure that you found yourself in a situation where you felt like being super creative. But have you ever considered the circumstances that allowed you to arrive at that surprising solution?

In this essay, I’ll guide you through a project where I could escape the normal forces that usually keep me from being more creative. My role in the project was to act as a graphics designer, mainly to use Photoshop to deliver a graphic image representing a map of a building. What did I do? …

When the highly productive specialist affects the founder-generalist being

I confess that I am constantly searching for the generic key that can unlock me from problems in life and open doors to great opportunities. A few months ago I found it, at least one of them. The moment of realization came out like this:

The freaking party is the problem!

The party would be, for example, a 4h engineering activity that when started was supposed to be done in 1h. But this one was different — it didn’t take more time because things were not working. On the contrary, this 4h event was a perfect digging. …

Apparently high performance

Some people are great at delivering anything. The high-performance behavior generally pays off — a protagonist, owner of a highly productive engine, whereas the sum of all activities translates into success.

The following image illustrates the distribution of activities of a hypothetical person. Imagine that the person is successful and happy with his or her general performance. It just so happens that certain activities can be so rewarding that compensates everything else. It grants a special status.

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There are two main problems in this distribution. The first is a lack of awareness — you can see that the person is highly performant in just about anything. However, an area to look at is the green and yellow regions. Perhaps this protagonist should consider other activities associated with strategic goals. The consideration may include being a not so great performant at essential things, instead of a highly performant at random things. …

In this class section, you will be able to check an episode of He-man (and the Masters of the Universe) where they may have portraited a kind of art that sparks the sense of entrepreneurship in the audience.

The episode is The Origin of the Sorceress.

The following are some observations about the episode:

  • Duncan created a robotic horse — the willingness of the human to build things to solve their challenges.
  • The robot horse saved the day — because it was not made of flesh and passed through a field force made to block humans.
  • The robot horse was injured in battle — he-man brought the horse back to Duncan’s lab — telling the sorcerer that he would do it even if it was to carry it to the other side of the planet. …

The following is an article from Ayn Rand, published in the audio format as a lecture, narrated by Ayn Rand. Context:

  • Consequences “of the disappearance of Romantic art from modern Western culture” according to Ayn Rand.
  • Romantic art in the children’s process development.
  • How philosophical views (from cultures) can affect the children’s moral development.
  • How to potentially influence children to fear and repress emotions; such as to influence a child to not follow the path to be an entrepreneur, an inventor, one that changes the world in a big way.

If you know of related materials please write.

The following article may contain important lessons for entrepreneurs and management — about how the cultural environment can influence the innovation process. This is an index-article. Please help. Add your input to this article.

  • An 11-year old girl explains the creative process, with support from Tina Selig’s Innovation Engine.
  • Her move, from a country to another, and change of school and environment, gave her a first-hand experience about the individual amid the cultural environment.


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