Being optimistic and goal driven

Personal reflection establishing a link between an optimistic mindset and the goal driven.

An optimistic reality — not in the sense of conformity but in the sense of the energy that it takes and the belief that the world can be changed. The optimistic is not a happy bullet with no direction — who cares what is going on here I go — no, they have a great sense of the problems, the reality, sadness, the unbalanced nature of the current reality. With forces and a narrative they design a different future. That’s the optimistic holistic line, it works with an objective and that is a change — a potential established, a gap. As they move on, and they move on, they do with steps: the OKR version of an optimistic does it with the right measures. They want to establish a feedback system to their actions towards their goals. Do they make mistakes? yes, of course. But do they give up and do nothing from the mistakes? No. They move on with learning, with a feedback system, exactly because they are focused in the holistic line from the from to the to.