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An entrepreneur is a condition, such as a stage — the situation where one is removing obstacles on their way towards a goal, which is the potential for the achievement of a vision. The entrepreneur should not see things as a job because they can’t afford to run such a mission with a typical job metric, such as to have hours:

If the first time you run into that, you think it’s a job, you are going to, just like, quit and go home. (Steve Blank, Startup Hacking 3m31s)

Steve adds that doing like a job “it is going to be a miserable life.” However, when the entrepreneur is being called, and when they will do with passion, they are fortunately poised in a sort of condition that drives them to through all that is necessary to achieve the vision. If it works, and when it works, they will see their life passing — a decade will go by easily.

Research background

Paraphrasing Steve Blank on advice for entrepreneurs

Founders is not a job, is a calling. And if you are not called, and if you are doing this because your mate is doing it, or your friends, or you think is cool, whatever, get the hell out of being a founder. Join someone else’s company or join big company. But this is not some job.
The odds of you making money in here versus working at McDonalds, it’s a much better bet that you are going to make much more money in your career working at McDonalds.
You need to do it what you do because you love it. Because you can’t think of anything better to do with your life. And, if that is not the case, don’t do this because it’s going to be a miserable 10 or 20 years.
And if you are looking at getting rich like the Facebook or Google boys, or whatever the hot startup is now, that is the wrong reason to do it. If you are chasing the money, I will guarantee you, the more you chase the further away it goes.(Steve Blank, MAP14 Public Forum, 34m43s)

Would you pay others to let you do your job?

I used to drive down the main highway in Silicon Valley, highway 101, every morning for 21 years, not believing that people actually paid me to do this job. Multiple times, I remember, “maybe today they will figure out that I would do this damn job for free”. In fact, I would have done this job and pay them, to do this job. Where else in the world, could have done this? And now, the fact that there is entrepreneurship everywhere, in Australia, in every country, is just an amazing fact of the capitalism; and it no longer requires 10 million dollars to start a company. (Steve Blank, MAP14 Public Forum, 35m51s)


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