Entrepreneurs in the reactionary mode: how to detect, how to leave

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Jason Calacanis: When entrepreneurs get manic

The biggest mistake founder’s make is that “they get manic”.. they get into a reactionary position: replying to e-mails, replying to tweets, replying to tickets on Trello or whatever you use for your project management.
And founders don’t realize is that a lot of times what you need is down time and space in your brain for ideas, and for revelations and for insights to happen. (Jason Calacanis @ This Week In Startups, 2017, 3:04)

Jason Calacanis @ This Week In Startups. April 28th 2017. E728: “Angel” Sneak Peek+Startup Tune-up: First-look & lessons from Jason’s book + pitches. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Krgz7b9oKLA

Cheat sheet for Jason:

  • Have been at both sides of the table, the entrepreneur’ side and the investment side with more than 150 investments.
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