Grow through value example from LinkedIn

Maybe this is sitting there for some time but today I opened my LinkedIn Profile page and noticed that what used to be “My Skills” section is now boosted with a sorting criteria and a new language.

Before, it used to be just the skills and the number of your friends that vouched to your skill. It’s also worth remembering that LinkedIn used to advertise above the fold, pushing people to even approve skills in bulk style.

Now, however, it was quite interesting to see a whole new experience. The following image shows the particular example indicating that about 10 people from Mozilla have agreed on a certain skill. From the technical angle, a simple grouping feature but for me it felt like it was like a “new person” that approved my skill — a social entity perhaps.

Beyond that, I also noticed that an expert person appeared too — in the following example is expert named Ernie — and this made me really visualize the potential for such social language but beyond that it sparked me to think about their ranking criteria. So if say 100 people from Mozilla says someone is good in UX, therefore this person may become an expert in UX, therefore, if this person says that someone else is good, by induction she is then good.

I have not done a further research about when they have launched. Therefore, I wonder your thoughts about any background information — I plan to update this article to share with others and continue to learn. Very nice growth through value feature from LinkedIn.

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