That’s why I focused on profit, not hyper-growth, when I started my company JotForm as a side project over 12 years ago.
Slow growth is good for business
Aytekin Tank

Noticed this as an inflection point from PG’s story and yours, which is fine but also I find important to keep a reminder that the actual key metric for initial traction is the very point that vary for many startups.

I mean, some business do have a theory that a certain scale is necessary for profit to emerge. While others can support profit on the way. But one or other yet does not exactly answer the kind of traction that Paul Graham refers as “keeping the fire contained” in his Do Things that don’t Scale article.

So I am tempted to take your approach for initial profit as delivering great value yet profiting; exactly because there is a danger if a startup targets profit at the expense of quality and value that maintains the fire hot.

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