Precious historical data lost in silicon valley videos

I continue to work in a project so far entitled Fastclip — now positioned as a social-aware video clipping tool with a north vision in the field of learning but perhaps it may pivot to become collaboration for storytelling.

The future of this business, if it becomes a business, remains to be seen.

Now, focusing in the now. I feel that the current mission, or current north, is so strong because the job workflow is changing my life and I feel it is producing a great value to me but also to the world.

Here is a teaser of what happens. I today took the following video to work:

This is precious because it’s Bill Campbell, the Silicon Valley coach, one of his few appearances in video — the Man behind many great Silicon Valley companies.

Then watching, and moving forward, and suddenly at some point in the middle — of this video that has 85 likes — he spits out a historical event, basically gold:

That, in the early days of Amazon, an early employee of Amazon (that he was friends with) called him asking him to put her in contact with John Doerr. He did. John became investor to Amazon, Bill got his first coaching assignment supporting directly Jeff Bezos.

What about this? How can this video have 85 likes? No one knows the truth, the gold, hidden value in it. And this project today wants to lift that value to the world.