R/W collaboration at the heart of the infinite learner

R/W meaning Read and Write. However the infinite learner, exactly because of this tendency to not be a know-it-all, does a kind of R/W that is far from the computational one:

They don’t read/listen for the sake of reading as they don’t write/say just for writing. What they do is more like a reading or listening with a tinkering mindset or in a flow zone. Listening becomes the opportunity to observe the world and capture the important things they don’t know in the fields of interest. Writing and saying can become the opportunity to present to audiences and get great feedback allow the discovery of new opportunities.

It’s a transaction much different from the norm, which would be to listen with the biased mindset, translating the input data and personalizing it; and in the other end spitting data to the world as a means to gain subscribers. No, the infinite learner learns from input and outputs.