The British Government is legislating the ‘Great’ out of Great Britain
Tobias Stone

The scariest part of this debate is the tone. The comparisons to the 1930s are unescapable. I don’t know how many people on Medium actually lived through the rise of hate in the 1930s, but I did in the localised version that was 1990s Balkans. It is exactly how it was then for us. It became OK to think of other human beings as worth less. The press had an angle in every single story that showed how “they” are trying to screw “us”, and therefore it was completely fine for “us” to go and kick out (or worse) hundreds of thousands of “them”. This category is ever expanding – yesterday it was people from Eastern Europe, today it is all “foreigners “, including the ones born here, and it will soon include all those who don’t actively give a certain kind of salute to our unelected government. So much for democracy.

The UK is not the only one – this hate is on the rise everywhere in the so-called free world.

Where this will end, nobody knows, but until people stop thinking that it doesn’t affect them personally we don’t stand a chance.

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