A Meta-Civical Solution for the Future

There is a new RED (pill) SCARE that has authorities in a panic! There is an epidemic of mental health erupting across the nation and around the world. People are discovering the ultimate miracle drug.

The prescription for this red pill can not be filled by the pharmacist or your street drug dealer. It isn’t animal, plant or mineral and it won’t cost you a penny if you have the time. But it is going to make you feel great! It won’t just get us higher than ever. It will ensure to us, our children and our children’s children … a future!

If we the 99% can’t get there from here inside the box and we are prohibited by the 01% from venturing outside the box then how do we get there? I don’t think R-evolution is the way and you’ll never guess what I think is :-)

How might we perceive the difference between revolution and evolution? Visualize revolution as the 2D cyclic repetition of the same thing over again inside the box. Of course the new boss is going to be the same. The entities reintroducing the Red Scare are 2D thinkers. Envision evolution by starting with the same 2D revolution but with an added twist; a previously unexplored 3D component of spiral motion above the box. Hypothetically, there can be infinite 3D solutions to a 2D problem.

When observed in 2D only, as from directly above, a spot on a rotating screw travels in a circle. Only when observed from a different perspective can the 3D spiral motion be detected. Like in Relativity. A 2D thinker is correct to conclude a circular solution but a 3D thinker is “more correct” in seeing the spiral component as well. Don’t be a 2D. Think in 3D. Maybe even more D’s follow but let us get to 3 first. Then, once you do please explain it to me because I’m just guessing.

Lets try thinking in 3D. Maybe a path “there” is right in from of our eyes but hidden from our “flat minds”.

2D thinking is either /or, mine /yours or profit /environment (you only get to select one) and it falls victim to the simplest of paradox. Either there is a direct unimpeded linear route between pt. A and pt. B or there is not. If not, the task is deemed impossible. 3D thinking introduces “maybe”. It opens us up to an entire new dimension of solutions to obstacles including going over, around or even redefining the obstacle (or paradox) out of the question entirely.

Vinyl records presented very difficult and expensive challenges to accurate tracking and minimal wear. Tracking required contact with the needle and contact resulted in wear thereby reducing the quality (minimally if you could pay the price) with every single use. One had to spend many thousands of dollars for the best performance back in those days.

Today we have Blu-ray players that produce better sound (and video!) with virtually no wear for less than $100. This was accomplished by thinking in 3D and eliminating the problem of wear by engineering it out of the picture all together. Sure, they introduced new problems, like Windows, but would you prefer to lose your little fingernail or an entire arm?

Phono engineers were restricted within their box. They could not venture outside in search of unobtainium nor violate laws of nature. Yet the nature of their endeavor was the same then as for us today: Store information on a medium and play it back later for entertainment, enlightenment or both. We got here today by a path that could not be seen even by an imaginary visionary like Doc Brown in 1955. Hypothetically, in those days, the cost to develop today’s performance would have been astronomically prohibitive. In other words … Impossible. Yet today we enjoy that performance and it did not cost all the money in the world.

In the spacetime of Rome the box conflicted lions against Christians. The only way to get out of the Colosseum while remaining within the box was … dead. Today’s box in our spacetime conflicts profit against environment. Maximized profit results in minimized environment. All profit results in no environment. No environment results in no people. We need to engineer profit out of this equation. Yesterday.

Think of climate disaster as a form of the Turing Test administered to all of humanity by the same one who gave us all inalienable rights. The sea level is rising and it is almost midnight: Thinkorswim. I understand nothing lasts forever. Even stars eventually turn to dust and fertilize new regions of future spacetime. It’s just that I was hoping humans would shine a little bit longer.

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