How Can a Judge Not Know What Justice Is?

The outcome of the trial for the needless murder of Allysza Castile was not determined on the merit of the case. It was reached by a jury of twelve misdirected, ill-informed and potentially racist people passing judgment based on the lack of professional skill and integrity demonstrated by the Judge and Castile’s lawyer regardless of those people’s skill sets.

The responsibility of the Court was to recreate the interaction among those involved in the minds of the jury as truthfully as possible. The only decisions for the jurors was whether the cop was properly programmed, whether he executed his programming correctly and whether the program works properly. Obviously, one or more premises is false.

Cops are killing machines and tools of the State. Elevator doors are machine “tools”similar to cops minus the killer function. The function of the doors is to regulate entry, exit and provide for the safety of elevator passengers. If elevator doors malfunction and start bisecting people like some demonically possessed monster machine then they must be repaired or replaced.

The operating code of the law must provide a safe way for citizens to behave lawfully before it can be implemented. The Officer was representing the Law and performed unsatisfactorily. If handguns are legal then police operating code must have appropriate, step by step subroutines to address that possibility: 1. Do you have a weapon? 2. If so do not reach into that pocket … The officer failed in the execution of his function. He malfunctioned and executed Castile instead. He should be repaired or recycled like any other failed equipment.

And all of this from the nation that claims to be the benchmark of Earthly democracy.

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