Is The Election Null & Void?

Our 2016 General Election isn’t null and void because Russia interfered. Any involvement by Russia is irrelevant to the outcome. Three branches of the US Corporate State; the DNC, Clinton campaign and Press colluded to swindle an all too submissive Sanders and his plurality of Progressive, Green and other Independent voters out of the White House … out of Their House.

The Wikileaks message was truthful irregardless of the messenger’s identity or intent. Imagine Putin were to admit Russia was involved. He could speak from his library with a roaring fire flickering shadows on the wall. He could finger a few fleeting bars on the piano, sample a swig from his brandy snifter, ponder on his thoughts, look directly into the camera and say: “Duh! Of course we meddle in elections around the world … just like every other nation of significance and especially Yours”.

“I “acquired” the e-mails and dispatched them to Wikileaks. Sorry I cannot disclose more about the who or how but, of course, that would impose a grave threat to Our national security. In a gesture of solidarity, and sympathy, we felt compelled to prove that You have no more integrity in your governance than our citizen subjects here. It doesn’t matter whether there are one or two names on the ballot. The outcome is always the same.” So, are we accusing Russia of conspiracy to tell the truth?

If you still doubt Sanders could have won against Trump, then explain why Trump is the most dis-liked president select while Sanders remains the most-liked politician of them all? Bernie was packing in tens of thousands while Clinton was packing …tens. Throughout the primary, polls gave Sanders overwhelming margins of victory in a 3-Way, yuck!, with Clinton a distant head or tail to Trump.

Sanders’ coerced submission to Clinton and scripted intention to defeat Trump by supporting Clinton was illogical nonsense. It was Bull Shit. Berners could not vote for Clinton due to principle and we had an alternative: Jill Stein; who publicly offered the top spot to Sanders. Sanders could have launched his revolution by freeing us from the corporate duopoly. The DNC forced Progressives to vote the only alternative: Green. The DNC was the spoiler. Had Sanders been the DNC candidate Clinton supporters would have had no alternative to defeat Trump and Greens would have joined in Sanders’ support as well.

To deny Sanders enjoyed enough voter support to win the presidency is akin to denying anthropogenic climate change. We can not be 100% certain humans are responsible for the impending 6th global extinction of most life as we know it until alien forensic anthropologists visit our dead, lifeless planet and prove it. That’s why I’m satisfied with a meager 99%. Deny it until you are blue in the face … Like Leonard Cohen said: “Everybody knows ...” excepting maybe Bernie, that Sanders is our rightful president.

Trump and his campaign would have to have been dumber than dog snot to prefer Sanders as their opponent because they knew then the same thing we knew then and always will remember: Sanders Was the trump card. If there is any “there” there, the real election collusion was between the Clinton and Trump campaigns. Corporate Republicans, Democrats and Press still conspire to deny, by omission, the presidency was stolen from Sanders … and from us. In a Deep State kind’a way it makes perfect sense. They collude in spurious, fake and contrived disputes to cloud the issue and distract us from the truth.

The truth is the un-Democratic Convention “gifted” Clinton with the stolen nomination from Sanders thus handing it to Trump. That is why Clinton was an illegitimate candidate and the resulting general election null and void. If you are appalled by what Trump and the Republicans are doing, than look no further than the God Damned, back stabbing … Democrats.

All through the primary we heard reports about young, progressive and previously independent voters from New York to California being purged from the Democratic rolls, rigged caucus counts and manipulated (well O/K, that’s a given) electronic voting machines. Then, just days before Wikileaks released the hard evidence; what should have been the final nail into the Clinton Campaign coffin, Sanders broke his promise to take his campaign all the way to the convention and withdrew from the race grasping defeat from the jaws of victory.

Personally, I feel Sanders enjoys too much benefit of the doubt. I always expected the DNC would throw him under the bus but didn’t expect him to … jump. Well, that isn’t entirely true. Like many others I grew more and more alarmed as Sanders’ campaign continually ignored the growing list of grievances committed against us. I question whether Sanders would have even dared to assume the presidency. Granted, he demonstrated a popular and progressive campaign can win with crowdfunding. It’s almost as if his entire campaign was intended as nothing more that a futile attempt to ween the DNC off of corporate money. Yep, I know that sounds pretty stupid!

Maybe Sanders dreams of being the Founding Father of a new, Re-formed Democratic Party. But old, yellow, blue or Dino dogs cannot be taught new tricks. You can lead an Ass to water but you can’t make it think.

So, if this relentless tidal wave of fascism bled dry by riptides of receding social services in an environment doomed to global extinction is not enough to keep you sleepless at night, then ponder this my friend: Why would someone, you for instance, who knew they were holding the winning hand in this nation’s richest poker game much less the future of humanity … fold?

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