Chocolates — gifts of health and happiness

Chocolates are loved all over the world and are considered as the best gift of almost any occasion. Chocolates generally come in three different kinds that are:

• Milk chocolate

• White chocolate

• Dark chocolate

Chocolates are always preferred to present as they are a good and healthy gift. But for a lot of people chocolate is chocolate and they do not care of what kind they are. The only thing they are interested in is the great taste of the chocolate bar.

There are many companies in the market that are manufacturing all the three types of chocolates like Tache, the chocolate company New York, which has introduced the chocolates in a variety of shapes and designs.

Earlier people were highly attached with the New York milk chocolates as it contains cocoa solids, cocoa butter and sugar. The percentage of cocoa may be 15%though there must be at least 25 % cocoa

White chocolate in New York does not contain any cocoa solids; it contains cocoa butter, milk and sugar. The experts of this field regard white chocolate as a confectionary than the real chocolate.

New York Dark chocolate is less sweet in taste and is darker in colour as compare to other versions of the chocolate like milk and white. It is made of cocoa solids, cocoa butters and sugar.

There is a variety of taste and shape at the renowned Tache artisan chocolate. Since opening the store has taken the confectionary world by storm. All of the Tache’s selection is hand crafted and have gained the attention of Time Out Kids and New York Times.

The white chocolate in New York is made with fine chocolate New York ingredients. There is no artificial flavouring colouring or additives in these chocolates.

Here are some white chocolate in New York available in the market with their great taste:

Chocolate covered choco puffs:

Snack on the Tache favourite, the chocolate puffed cereal are coated in a creamy white chocolate. These delectable puffs are very rich and great to enjoy on the go. These are too addictive and yummy in taste. They are meant to be shared with the loved ones; feel no shame while sharing it with you as it is extremely delicious. These are available in fine glass jar and can be presented as gift on special occasion.

White chocolate grignotines:

Try bag of Tache’s white chocolate grignotines that is a traditional white creamy chocolate with a cluster of dried fruits, puffed rice cereal and nuts. Winter and fall versions include little cinnamon, peanuts and cranberries. The bag comes with six yummy grignotines.

Now make the moments memorable with tasty products from the chocolate company New York.

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