CAMPA Charter School Promotes Greatness for East New York Students: 100% Pass Geometry and US History Regents

A Tibetan proverb states, “A child without education, is like a bird without wings.” CAMPA (Collegiate Academy for Mathematics and Personal Awareness) provides its East New York, Brooklyn students with both a challenging and rewarding educational environment which provides higher levels of thinking where children soar. They have supreme knowledge working with students on all levels including those with special needs.

This past June CAMPA graduated their first class, which consisted of forty-two students. CAMPA achieved a 100% graduation rate where students will attend high schools such as Midwood, Pathways in Technology Early College High School (P-TECH), The Brooklyn School for Math and Research (B-Smart), and Benjamin Banneker High School.

Niaka Gaston, Director of Operations, explained that each student was paired with a high school where they would have the most success. “We put so much work into this first group. Many have two, three and four Regents under their belts. In five years, I see all of them in a four-year college. I see most of them receiving scholarships,” Gaston shared. With high standards and a powerful educational philosophy, the staff, teachers and parents of CAMPA Charter School provides incredible outcomes where students garnered a 100% passing on the Geometry and US History and Government Regents. CAMPA also achieved 93% passing on the Algebra I Regents and 85% passing in Living Environment.

CAMPA places focus on what matters most: A demanding and holistic education to prepare their middle school students for college and beyond. Young students deserve programs that understand how to enhance their inherent gifts while promoting standards of excellence like CAMPA. Inspiring children to dream big and behold their greatness is what CAMPA is about.

CAMPA, the East New York, Brooklyn Charter School does this with the motto “hard work generates unlimited options.” They push their students in ways other schools throughout the country don’t. CAMPA is steadily moving forward with gains in their math and science-based curriculum, which prepares junior high school students for greatness. At CAMPA, administrators, educators and parents want students to be adept in science and math concepts and are gradually proving that youth from low-income areas can grasp an understanding of disciplines in these higher-level subjects.

While many think CAMPA is an anomaly, one thing’s for sure — they have the recipe for success. With all the talk of poor educational systems in the political sphere, one might wonder, just how the school does it. They do it through a culture that promotes a positive and professional learning environment with experienced leaders who have proven track records in education. CAMPA continues to spiral upward because of their dedicated teachers, staff and parents. Parent involvement is indeed an integral part of their success.



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