The TED talk “How to Spot a Liar” by Pamela Mayer encouraged me to buy the book “Liespotting” written by herself as a certified fraud examiner.

Having read the section “Deception in Nature”, I was impressed with the following part:

I began to suspect that if lying and fraud are innate in the animal kingdom, humans must also be hardwired for deception.

Chameleons camouflage themselves with green leaves in order to catch their prey. I’m not sure whether or not they know the idea of deception, but it’s a natural way for them to survive.

We humans also camouflage ourselves with what we wish we could be, wearing makeup, giving a compliment, talking like an expert, exaggerating stories …, and just telling a lie.

I’m going to read further sections to get more details about the liespotting techniques.

Takeshi Matsuoka

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