How to Send TYX and Check Your TYX Balance with MyEtherWallet

Oct 8, 2018 · 2 min read

If you don’t already know, Tachyon just finished its first bounty as of Sept 28, 2018. Congratulations to the 2200 or so people who received TYX.

With TYX now in your Ethereum addresses, your TYX tokens can be easily viewed, received, and sent through your MyEtherWallet.

Add Your TYX Balance

Go to “View Wallet Info” on MyEtherWallet and log in with your private key, JSON file, or Metamask extension.

Under “Token Balances,” click ‘add custom token.’

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Copy and paste in the TYX contract address: 0x93a9D018a1941A2D33EceF3bB91B999f57BbA912

Token Symbol: TYX

Decimals: 18

After clicking save, you will see the amount of TYX reflected under the “Token Balances” section.

To send TYX, simply go to “Send Ether and Tokens” and select TYX in the dropdown menu. Any TYX transaction is currently paid for by a small ETH gas transaction fee.

Tachyon will be releasing its own standalone wallet in the future, but MyEtherWallet provides an immediate way to check your balance and send TYX.

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Have any questions about setting up your wallet or anything Tachyon-related? Email us at








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