Tachyon Protocol Weekly Report #73

8th — 12th Mar, 2021

— — — — — — — — — ▶︎Development Updates◀︎ — — — — — — — -

1.Tachyon VPN v2.7 for iOS & v2.7.2 for Android

Ad module are been reviewed, the new version of our app is online, you can update it on Apple store and Google play.

In the new version, we are heading into the 2nd part of our payment channel -the ads system. The performance of the ads system will offer useful data to help improve the design of the payment channel before fully integration.

2. Optimize the connection speed of nodes

We are trying to gradually optimize the node link speed to bring a better user experience to the product.

3. Nodes functions are upgraded

We are buiding node management toolsets, it could be used in the next version of node manager. Aslo the nodes operating experience is been optimized.

— — — — — — — — — — ▶︎Node Updates◀︎ — — — — — — — — —

1.IPX Staking Report

Check the latest IPX Staking data:

  • Total Staking Amount: 216,917,959 IPX
  • Nodes Staked: 1214
  • Total Nodes on Tachyon Network: 1313
  • Total Rewards Distribution: 21,600,258.2 IPX

As the latest data from CoinMarketCap suggests, the circulating supply of Tachyon Protocol is 266,858,531 IPX. 216,917,959 IPX tokens, namely 81.29% of IPX circulating supply has been staked by Tachyon supporters. 21,600,258.2 IPX rewards have been distributed to all Node Providers as Node Incentives.

All members can access the data on our official site anytime. Please be noticed that the staking data of Node Manager is not included on the official site for now. We will update the page soon.


Get all the public servers here:


2. IPX Wallet Staking

  • Total Staking: 6,529,357 IPX
  • Rewards: 982,695 IPX

3. IPX Staking on Node Manager

  • Total Staking: 240,000 IPX
  • Nodes: 12
  • Rewards: 160,664 IPX

4.IPX Staking On ipxus.com. Earn Node incentives now!

The initial staking was released on ipxus.com on 4th June. There are 1300 nodes offered by IPXUS in total. At present, 1202 nodes, namely 92.46% of the nodes have been staked!

Join IPX staking on ipxus.com here: https://ipxus.com. These locations are still available.

5. IPX Staking on Bithumb!

IPX Staking service was launched on Bithumb on 8th June. IPX is also the third staking cryptocurrency Bithumb supports after IOST and Luna. The staking service has sparked a nationwide enthusiastic participation.

You can join here: https://en.bithumb.com/staking/goods

— — — — — — — — ▶︎Marketing & Listing Updates◀︎ — — — — — —

  1. Tachyon VPN -2,468,013 Users Reached! 🚀
Data Source: AppsFlyer

Tachyon VPN supports iOS, Android and macOS and is Available on App Store, Google Play, Samsung Galaxy Store and Mac App Store. Download and try now:


2. Tachyon VPN Bug Report Airdrop & Global Testing Program!

To improve the global performance of Tachyon VPN and connect more users with our project, we are excited to launch💰Tachyon VPN Global Testing Volunteers Program!

💰Rewards- $20 — $200 IPX or USDT for each bug.

💃Max Participants: Unlimited

⏰Airdrop Date: April 8th — No Ending Time for now

🍻 Join Now >>>


We have released the Korean version of our testing program. Welcome all Tachyon VPN users in South Korea to submit your bug report anytime! Check the details here:


3. Market Overview:

IPX is now ranked at #772 CoinMarketCap with a market cap over $13.7 million USD.

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