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Chris is an expat who just arrived in Barcelona for a one year Erasmus program. As he is overwhelmed by this wonderful city, he is also wondering about what he could do in his brand new “ciudad”.

Barcelona is as big a amazing. So, he opens Tack to browse what he could possibly discover around him.
Güell Park in Barcelona — Spain

Chris sees pictures of the Güell Park and feels immediately drawn to it. He has always been a fan of Gaudí, and if he has heard of the Sagrada Família, he didn’t know about the park.

With Tack, he has opportunities to discover exciting sights he could have spent more time looking for them. He can make a new city his own in no time.

Émilie is a Parisian born and raised. Her friends and her are always wandering in the French capital, but as locals, they have their habits and favorite places that are hard to forget.

As she is studying photography, Émilie is always seeking for beautiful sceneries to capture. And what is best than secret spots or finding new places in a city you think you know like the back of your hand?

Place de la Concorde, Paris — France

In Paris, she could never be happier as the “City of Lights” has so much to offer. But there is still so many streets to walk in and so many sights she doesn’t know of.

With Tack, Émilie can browse photos taken in Paris. She can find places she didn’t know about and would make wonderful pictures.
She uses Tack to see what new and exciting sights she could discover — and capture, to make it her own.

Marco and his wife Clara travel around the globe every time they get the chance to. They fell in love with Latin America and decided for their fifth anniversary that they would go to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

Staircases in Lapa, Rio de Janeiro — Brazil

They have been there already several times already, following carefully the guidebooks advice.

If they have seen some wonderful things, they also want to get away from the touristic crowded sights, especially on this king of celebration.

With Tack, Marco was able to bring Clara to intimate and wonderful places they would had a harder time to find in any other way.
They wrote their own guidebook filled with beautiful stories that would make you go “aaaaaw”.

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