Brigade: the first Free to Earn of the Taco Universe

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Brigade is Taco Universe’s first Free to Earn, accessible from both the Website and the Taco Universe App. Play now for free!

Here. We. Go! We are so excited to present Brigade, the first Taco Universe game! Brigade is a Free-to-Play, Play-to-Earn system, accessible to all WAX users.

You can play now for free and earn SHING!
Taco Universe App:

March 18th Brigade Drop went SOLD OUT! You can still get your Brigade Equipment Packs or Equipment NFTs on secondary market.

How to Play

Brigade is as simple as 1,2,3! With it, you will be able to claim SHING every hour and add one of the hottest tokens of the entire blockchain directly to your WAX wallet.

  • Any WAX user can play! If you are not a WAX user yet, you can Create a Wallet Here
  • Enter the Website or download the Taco Universe App
  • Choose a Venue, Equip one or more NFTs (if you have), click to execute your work and earn SHING instantly
  • Wait at least 1 hour to execute another work
Earn for free with Brigade

About Brigade

The road to becoming an entrepreneur starts here!

Brigade is the first Taco Universe game, and Venues are at its core. Venues are “land” NFTs where Volunteers can execute work every hour to earn SHING. To know more about the Taco Universe gaming platform click here.

Volunteers will start making their fortunes by washing dishes, frying fries and Mayo-ing the Naise! Step-by-step, climbing the Taco Universe ladder.

This is the best opportunity in the entire WAX blockchain to claim such a proven token as SHING for free.

Wanna play smart? Download the Taco Universe App

Which Venues are Available for Claim?

Only Level 100 Venues are available for claim.

The Taco Universe started officially with the Venues drop on the 28th of January. Since then, Venue owners have upgraded their NFTs to reach Level 100 and unlock this amazing Play To Earn.

Because of their efforts in raising their eatery, Venue owners will ask Volunteers for a fee of a 5% minimum to a 50% maximum for any work executed inside the Venue. A fair price to reward them for patiently upgrading their Venue.

Want to know more about the fantastic Services of Taco Venues? Read this great article.

Which are the best Venues to work on?

Venues have 4 key values when selecting which one to work at, use this information to help you decide:

  • Fee: This is the fee that goes to the Venue owner.
  • Pool: When the Venue pool drains there will be less SHING to claim.
  • Bonus: Increases SHING earned. Example: 90% bonus means that you would claim 90% SHING more than at a normal Venue with 0% bonus.
  • NFTs: NFTs is the number of extra NFTs, distributed daily by the Venue owner.

Where does this SHING come from?

For each Level 100 Venue, the SHING daily pool increases by a certain amount. The total SHING pool is distributed among venues according to their level using this formula:


Yes, the numbers are correct. 😉

To reward the efforts of these dedicated Venue owners, for the first 10 Venues to reach Level 100, the daily pool will be increased by 1,000,000 SHING!!

1–10: the pool increases by 1,000,000 for each Venue at Level 100
11–50: the pool increases by 400,000 each
51–150: the pool increases by 50,000 each
151–1150: the pool increases by 15,000 each
1151+: the pool increases by 10,000 each

Equipment, Lottery and Crafting

As a Volunteer, you don’t need anything to start working. However, in order to make the most of this crazy amount of daily SHING you can equip an NFT to get more rewards! They can also increase your chance of getting NFTs in the daily lottery.


There are six different equipment rarities.

Each piece of Equipment has two qualities: Power 👊 and Luck 🍀

Power helps Volunteers to increase their mining power during the execution of work. Luck increases the chance to get Single Packs in the Lottery.

The rarer the equipment, the greater chance to boost Power and Luck.







Equipment & Cooldown

Currently, volunteers can choose up to three Equipment to either increase claimed SHING and extend the cooldown period, which means less CPU and Resources spent:

  • 1 Equipment = 1 Hour Cooldown
  • 2 Equipment = 2 Hours Cooldown
  • 3 Equipment = 3 Hours Cooldown

The amount of claimed SHING with multiple Equipment follows this formula:

total_equip_power / equip_number

What kind of volunteer are you?

Lottery System

Luck is very important!

Single Packs will be distributed every 24 hours from the Pack Pool to those who have worked inside Venues.

For every 4 Venues to reach Level 100, one Single Pack will be added to the pool, up to 500 packs.

Single Packs Rarity Odds Scheme:
- Common 86%
- Uncommon 13%
- Rare 1%

Packs are distributed among all active users. A user’s probability of earning a pack increases depending on their works executed and applied NFT bonuses:

  • Work without Equipment = 1 Lottery Entry
  • Work with Equipment = 1 Lottery Entry + Total Luck value of the Equipment

Ta-cores and Crafting

Improving equipment is crucial to earning more SHING during work. In order to craft new Equipment, players will need Ta-cores.

Ta-cores are the energy at the heart of Ingredients. Players can get them by splitting Ingredients into parts and the Ta-cores you receive depend on the Ingredient rarity.

Anyone can create Ta-cores in the Options menu 🪄 on Brigade’s Taco Universe App section, or on

Ta-core Creation Index:

  • Common Ingredient = 6 common Ta-core
  • Uncommon Ingredient = 5 uncommon Ta-core
  • Rare Ingredient = 4 rare Ta-core
  • Epic Ingredient = 3 epic Ta-core

IMPORTANT: Dividing an Ingredient is a non-reversible action.

But wait! Don’t think Ta-cores will be used exclusively as Brigade Crafting tools. In Riccardo Manfredi’s words (Taco’s Writer):

Ingredients are condensed TACO that resembles a sort of uncanny vitality. Through unseen methods, one can condense even more TACO into a further state of matter. Pure collapsed energy called TA-CORE. This new powerful energy has the ability to re-write reality itself…

Guess this tells us they will have a lot more importance in the near future!

How to Craft
In order to craft rarer Equipment, players need two pieces of Equipment of the same rarity, and — from common and above — one Ta-core:

  • Common + Common = Uncommon
  • Uncommon + Uncommon + Tiny Ta-core = Rare
  • Rare + Rare + Small Ta-core = Epic
  • Epic + Epic + Medium Ta-core = Legendary
  • Legendary + Legendary + Big Ta-Core = Mythic

However, the crafting process can lead to different outcomes:

  • Crafting a rarer Equipment
  • Crafting one NFT of even a higher rarity (Ex. Common + Common = Rare)
  • Crafting a random NFT of the same rarity Equipment
  • Break Equipment

💡 Crafting is very, very important, as you can increase your mining power and your chance to win lotteries. And more, you can get Mythic Equipment only through the crafting process!

Brigade Series 1 Drop — Equipment

March 18th Brigade Drop went SOLD OUT! You can still get your Brigade Equipment Packs or Equipment NFTs on secondary market. Check Drop prizes and Packs rarity odds scheme below.

Drop Packs, Equipment and Price

The drop will consist of:

  • 1500 Small Packs: 2 Equipment NFTs, 9$
  • 1000 Big Packs: 3 Equipment NFTs, 15$
  • 400 Whale Packs: 7 Equipment NFTs + Ta-Core asset, 37$
Rarity Odds Scheme


Unpacking Live on NeftyBlocks 👉

Brigade AMA & Twitter

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Want to know more about Brigade? Listen to the AMA!

Join our Discord and send your questions, a big giveaway with Brigade NFTs on the line will be announced during the live stream!

In the meantime, join the Brigade Twitter page to keep up to date about the newest and coolest Free-to-Play, Play-to-Earn on WAX!

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