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9 min readJan 19, 2022

Welcome to Taco! There’s so much going on in the Taco Universe but this guide will give you the information you need to get started! We’re super excited to have you onboard and to share with you our project and the work we’ve done. So, let’s Taco!

What is Taco Studios?

Taco Studios is the tastiest Web3 Gaming Publisher 🌮

We integrate NFTs and FTs with Gaming, a token Swap and a Utility App to bring the best experience to all our community, whether they are experts or newcomers.

Taco Studios always builds and develops. Our aim is to to be at the forefront of the Web3 revolution. We have become a Top 25 gaming company on all the blockchains for daily users, thanks to our amazing devs, an experienced a highly skilled team, and the backing of our fantastic community. But we want more: so, jump on to the Taco rocket, you are early!

What makes the Taco ecosystem?

Taco Swap, the first Community DEX on WAX.

• The Taco Universe Gaming Metaverse composed of:

  • Combz, our strategic Idle Game
  • Acryptia, our Free to Play Strategic Card Game
  • Brigade, our Free to Play Game
  • Monster Rooms, our Mobile Show-Off Game integrated with a new Chain! Stay tuned, you are early 👀

• An extensive NFT collection which you can find also on our own Marketplace

• Three Tokens: TACO, SHING, and ONI.

• A Utility app (iOS and Android)

• Our passionate Community.

Where to start?

We’ve divided this guide down into four sections:

Want to dig deeper? Read our new and improved Whitepaper.

Gaming — Taco Universe

Taco Universe is our gaming platform, which it’s a game itself and contains other fun games inside!

Taco Universe is composed by Venues, Extractors, Collectors NFTs and a fully functional Android and iOS Testflight App. With those NFTs you can collect the tokens needed in all our games. You can also trade those tokens on our coin swap.

The main part of Taco Universe are the actual games: Combz, Acryptia and Brigade, they allow you to have fun and compete for exclusive NFTs!

ℹ️ A new game is coming! Monster Rooms is our first cross-chain game. Stay updated, as when the game will launch, you want to be among to first to enter!

Venue NFTs

Venues are Taco Universe’s “lands” and key interfaces to all the Taco gaming. These are upgradable and customizable NFTs that:

  • Passive Earn SHING tokens
  • Generate ONI tokens
  • Passive Earn TacoG, our governance token
  • Unlock Brigade P2E
  • Unlock Acryptia Dungeon Card Game
  • Unlock Combz Sponsorship
  • Turn 200,000 SHING into a Taco Ingredient

Every Venue has a type directly linked to one or more Ingredients NFT that can be crafted from burning SHING tokens within it. They can be used to upgrade Venues but they can also be redeemed for Taco tokens. Go get Venues!

Get a piece of the Taco Universe for yourself by owning a Venue

Extractor NFTs

Extractors are the best passive earn NFTs in the Taco Universe. They earn you SHING tokens just by holding them. SHING accrues automatically, ready to be withdrawn to your wallet whenever you claim. There is no ‘maximum’ claim. As you will see in the Tokenomics section, SHING is the main currency of the The Taco Universe. You will need them so, go get Extractors!

The best passive earn NFTs in Taco

Collector NFTs

Collectors are the only way to accumulate and earn ONI tokens. ONI is the strategic token of the Taco Universe and is needed to access Acryptia Season Pass, to boost productions in Combz and access Brigade expansions, and for Venues and Extractors future purposes. There are only two ways of gaining ONI: stake in the TACO/SHING fixed pool or own Venues. Generated ONI will go into Collectors, from which you will be able to claim. Go get Collectors!


Combz — Strategic Idle Game

Combz is a strategic Idle game that is integrated with AI, requiring players to maximize the potential of their cosmic hive and create resources efficiently. The goal is to gather resources, craft and purchase NFTs, and climb the leaderboard to secure the best rewards.

Every week, the AI comes into play and generates an Event that can either provide a production bonus or malus on all players.

Combz operates on a shared economy system: 70% of each Combz drop is distributed back to the community through Season prizes.

Game Link: https://combz.io/
Game Document: https://taco-2.gitbook.io/whitepaper/taco-gaming/combz

Acryptia — Dungeon Card Game

This Gameplay Tutorial (with subtitles) is what you need to get started!

Acryptia is a new PvE game created by Taco. It’s a free to play, strategic dungeon card game in which players have to advance to new floors, climb the leaderboard, and collect Season Reward NFTs.

You don’t need to buy anything to get started. However, if you want to increase your efficiency you can purchase Gear and Skin NFTs.

Play Acryptia S5 now!

Game Link: https://play.acryptia.io/
Game Document: https://taco-2.gitbook.io/whitepaper/taco-gaming/acryptia

Brigade - Free to Earn

Brigade is an awesome free to earn, that allows anyone, regardless of whether they have NFTs, to get involved in our ecosystem and get something out of it!

You can access the game right now on the Website or the Taco Universe App and start earning our SHING tokens. Just select a Venue, execute Work and receive SHING tokens. By doing that you also enter for the chance to receive NFT prizes every day!

You don’t need to buy anything to get started. However, if you want to increase your efficiency and improve your SHING rewards, you can purchase Brigade Equipment.

Want to play pro? Get Automators, assign them to a Venue. They will execute works every 4 hour: don’t forget to charge them, they need 0.01 ONI per work.

Game Link: https://app.tacocrypto.io/brigade
Game Document: https://taco-2.gitbook.io/whitepaper/taco-gaming/brigade
Automators Info: https://taco-2.gitbook.io/whitepaper/taco-gaming/brigade/automators

Monster Rooms (To be released)

Monster Rooms is a brand new mobile show-off game, in which players can customize their rooms with NFTs, invade other players’ environments, tease them with naughty pranks and collect gems based on their assets & pranks to climb the leaderboard.

The game is set to become one of the most popular games on iOS, PlayStore , thanks to its unique design, branding, engaging gameplay, and the impressive track record of its development team.

It’s the first game we’re going to release on a new chain: stay tuned, you want to be early in this!

DeFi — Taco Swap

Taco Swap is the community DEX (Decentralized Exchange) on WAX which allows users to trade and earn in a safe and fun space. It puts the profits in the hands of its users by having the lowest market fees and incredible rewards provided directly by Taco and your favorite projects.

Our goal is to bring DeFi to everyone. Taco Swap does this with an easy to use and gamified swap which allows users to get familiar with liquidity systems, discover new projects, earn, and save a lot of tokens!

SALSA — Earn Rewards and Pay Less Fees

Join and start earning now! Stake TACO and earn tokens every day. Plus:

Active SALSA pools

MEAL — Provide Liquidity and Earn Rewards

Join and start earning now! MEAL are rewards applied to Liquidity Pools. Provide Liquidity for token pairs and get rewards every day.

NFT — Provide Liquidity and Earn NFTs

Join and start earning now! NFT rewards are applied to Liquidity Pools. Provide Liquidity for token pairs and get the chance of earning NFTs every day.

💡 Both SALSA, MEAL and NFT rewards are transparent, pre-funded and automated. Rewards are distributed everyday at 9:00 UTC on the My Account Section. Withdraw your rewards to send them to your wallet.

Taco Swap Link: https://swap.tacocrypto.io/
Swap Document: https://taco-2.gitbook.io/taco-swap/intro/taco-swap-intro

Utility — Rent CPU

You can also rent CPU at the best rate on WAX by using your TACO tokens

Browse to https://swap.tacocrypto.io/cpu-rent and boost your CPU with your tokens. All the used TACO will be burned.

Utility — Taco App

Taco is the first and only mobile app to manage your WAX NFTs and Token wallets! It is the ultimate utility tool that allows you to manage your WAX wallet directly from your smartphone.

Claim easier and faster, track your NFTs growth, see all your transactions. The Taco App lets you do it all!

Download the Taco App now on Play Store (Android) and the App Store (iOS).

And you haven’t tried the NFT Tool yet!

App Key Features

Here is the list of our app key features:

🏠 Earn for free from the Taco faucet.

📊 Manage your wallet: track, choose and swap all your tokens. See the equivalent in WAX and $.

↔️ Transfer your NFTs and tokens to other accounts quickly and easily directly from the app. It’s completely free and there are no charges!

⭐ Interact with other projects on WAX by unlocking with Taco Sauces.

🔧 App settings are useful Take care of them! Buy/Stake account resources like CPU, RAM and NET directly from your phone!


TACO Token 🌮

The TACO Token is the main currency of the Taco project. It can be obtained in different ways, from the Taco Swap, SALSA & MEAL rewards, and from NFTs such as the Memberships and Promos. It can be used for multiple purposes, such as levelling up Venues, paying less Swap fees, rent CPU and more.

Taco Tuesday is our holiday and to celebrate, every week we distribute TACO tokens to users holding certain NFTs . Make sure to have Membership or Promo NFTs!

SHING Token 🥗

The SHING Token is the main currency of the Taco Universe, our incredible gaming platform. It can be obtained from Extractors, Venues, Brigade, Taco Swap and Taco Swap Liquidity Pool Rewards. It’s essential to unlock utilities, craft Taco Ingredients and Ta-cores, buy NFTs and more.

ONI Token 🔥

The ONI Token is the strategic token of the Taco Universe. It’s the key to play and progress in Combz, Acryptia, and for Automators. ONI is generated by staking inside the TACO/SHING fixed pool or by owning levelled up Venues. It can only be obtained by using Collectors.

Join The Community

There is always something going on in the Taco Universe. Before you know it, there is another announcement about new stuff just around the corner. So join us on our channels to keep up to date with new features, NFT drops and other great Taco news!

Our Discord 🎮 community is exceptionally friendly and welcoming. It’s the best place to get support and be helped along your Taco journey! You could even earn roles like “Top Taco” for engagement and helping others which give exclusive benefits!


Utility App Download | Gaming App Download

Website | Taco Swap | NFT Marketplace | Linktree | Discord | Twitter | Instagram

We hope you love everything Taco has to offer. If you want to learn more about the Taco Project we encourage you to check out our full Whitepaper.



Taco Studios

Taco Studios is the tastiest Web3 Gaming Publisher. We aim to integrate NFTs and FTs with Gaming, Utility & DeFi to grant the best experience to our community!