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6 min readAug 23, 2022

Taco Swap allows you to trade WAX tokens with the lowest market fees, earn with incentivized pool rewards and advertise your Web3 project.

Taco Swap Beta

Taco Swap is the community DEX (Decentralized Exchange) on WAX which allows users to trade and earn in a safe and fun space. It puts the profits in the hands of its users by having the lowest market fees and incredible rewards provided directly by Taco and your favorite projects.

Our goal is to bring DeFi to everyone. Taco Swap does this with an easy to use and gamified swap which allows users to get familiar with liquidity systems, discover new projects, earn, and save a lot of tokens!

We also want to be a force for good in the WAX ecosystem and actively participate in the growth of WAX itself:

Taco Swap is the first DEX to offer 2% of WAX fee to the tokenomics (DeFi distribution) as marketplaces already do. We believe it’s important to give and not just take from the ecosystem that has enabled us to create all of this — Taco Team

Start Earning With Taco Swap

Taco Swap is full of benefits for the regular user and also for projects!

At the heart of the Taco Swap are our game-changing S.A.L.S.A and M.E.A.L pools which are how you can earn and lower swap fees. With them, projects can create automated liquidity pool rewards to further stabilize their tokens and to distribute tokens to their supporters.

S.A.L.S.A — Earn Rewards and Pay Less Fees

S.A.L.S.A. Pools are single TACO token pools which give one or more tokens as rewards.

• S.A.L.S.A pools give various tokens as rewards

• Staking TACO increases your staking level so you pay less fees

Projects can add their own tokens to the selection of S.A.L.S.A pools in order to distribute their tokens and get them in the hands of users. The top three S.A.L.S.A. pools also get extra rewards for their Liquidity Pools!

There are currently six active SALSA pools: join and start earning now!

There are currently six active SALSA pools

M.E.A.L — Provide Liquidity and Earn Rewards

M.E.A.L. is Taco’s reward structure for Liquidity Pools.

• Provide Liquidity for a token pair and earn the best rewards

• Receive share of 0.1% reward from every Swap

Unlike traditional Liquidity Pools, M.E.A.L pools always incentivize Liquidity Providers by rewarding them with daily prizes. This bonus is on top of the 0.1% reward that liquidity providers receive from every Swap fee!

There’s no need to register on separate websites for rewards. Rewards are pre-funded, transparent and viewable directly on Taco Swap My Account. No more waiting for days to receive tokens!

There are currently more than thirty active pools with M.E.A.L. rewards: join now and start earning!

There are currently more than thirty active MEAL pools

💡 Both S.A.L.S.A. and M.E.A.L. rewards are transparent, pre-funded and automated. You will always able to see your daily estimated rewards. Rewards are distributed everyday at 9:00 UTC on the My Account Section. Withdraw your rewards to send them to your wallet.

Taco Swap now in Public Beta

The Swap has come out of Alpha and is now flourishing in its public Beta! All the beta users will be able to swap with a promotional swap fee of only 0.2%.

That’s right! The public beta is here thanks to our great devs and the amazing community feedback. Now, everyone can start getting stuck into the first community-centric Decentralized Exchange on WAX!

👉 Log in to the Taco Swap and start earning!

The Project Dashboard is now open!

Project Dashboard makes automating liquidity pool rewards easy, allowing project owners to reward their community and distribute their tokens to a wider audience through our or incentivized S.A.L.S.A. and M.E.A.L. pools

Projects are also able to purchase advertising across all Taco products: Web, Swap, App. Bringing your project to the screens of potential users: it’s worth noting that Taco is a Top 10 project on WAX and a Top 30 All Blockchain Games for daily users!

WAX Collab — TACO/BRAWL Super Pool

Once again, we’ve had the incredible honor of working in collaboration with WAX & WAX Studios to create something extremely special for the community.

A massive thank you to the WAX team for providing a huge amount of liquidity to the WAX/BRWL pool. Also, we have added extreme rewards to the TACO/BRWL Liquidity Super Pool for the next 6 months 🤯

⊛ 100 WAX per day
⊛ 1500 BRWL per day
⊛ 50 TACO per day

👉 Provide liquidity and earn your share everyday!

We believe it’s important to give back. Because of that, we have committed to providing 2% of all WAX gained through Taco Swap fees to WAX itself.

By using the Taco Swap you are not only paying less fees and earning rewards through incentivized liquidity pools, but you are also contributing to making this ecosystem better! 🌎

Taco Swap — Officially the Lowest Fees

Taco Swap has the lowest trading fees on WAX. You can reduce trading fees by paying fees in TACO and also by increasing your staking level.

Paying Fees in TACO

One of the easiest ways you can immediately reduce your fee is by paying fees in TACO. If you have TACO in your Taco Swap My Account, then Taco Swap will automatically use that to pay for fees. This reduces the fee by 0.05%

Staking Level 0 with TACO held in My Account: 0.10% to pool owners + 0.15% to the Taco team = 0.25% FEE

Increasing Staking Level

One of the biggest benefits that Taco Swap brings to the table is the ability to stake TACO in the S.A.L.S.A. pools to improve your Staking Level. This reduces the fee up to 0.10%

Staking Level 6 with TACO held in My Account: 0.10% to pool owners + 0.05% to the Taco team = ONLY 0.15% FEE 🤯

💡 Taco VIP holders automatically reach Level 6. You can get TACO VIP NFT here.

Fee reduction index

Taco Swap Roadmap

Find the full Taco Swap Roadmap here.

LP Reward Transition

Exisiting rewards from liquidity pools have begun the transition to Taco Swap as we move toward the full launch. Now that Taco Swap is accessible to everyone, we are progressively moving rewards for our TACO/WAX, TACO/SHING and WAX/SHING Alcor pools to our Taco Swap pools. Here’s the schedule:



23rd August: TACO/WAX → 400 TACO TACO/SHING → 800k SHING WAX/SHING → 800k SHING

26th August: TACO/WAX → 200 TACO TACO/SHING → 400k SHING WAX/SHING → 400k SHING


Thanks for Reading

Since the launch of the Public Beta we already have more than 30 M.E.A.L. pools! That number is growing every day. Taco Swap is great for both projects and their users, the heart of the Taco Swap.

Don’t forget to join our socials, your support is crucial in making Taco bigger and better! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIn

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