ONI is coming: welcome to Taco’s third token

9 min readJun 22, 2022


On July 1st, we are going to release our third Token, ONI. And we couldn’t be more excited. We want to tell you everything about ONI; the strategic token of the Taco Universe. So, you better read this otherwise you’ll miss the third Taco Universe Drop… Collectors!

- Taco VIPs: 17:00 UTC, 300 Common Collectors
Drop Link: https://neftyblocks.com/c/taco/drops/123464
- Public: 17:00 UTC, 4,650 Common Collectors
Drop link: https://neftyblocks.com/c/taco/drops/123465/

As you all know the Taco Universe is built around two tokens, TACO and SHING.


TACO is the main currency of the Taco project. It can be obtained in different ways, from the Market, Liquidity Pools, and from NFTs like Promo and Venues. It has multiple utility purposes, such as buying NFTs, unlock in-app tools (Sauces), upgrade Venues and reduce market fees in the upcoming Taco Swap!

Starting off with a Fede bomb


SHING is the main currency for the Taco Universe, our incredible gaming platform. It can be obtained from our Free to Earn, Brigade, Market, Liquidity Pools and from NFTs like Extractors and Venues. It’s essential to upgrade Venues, buy NFTs, and make the most important actions in our gaming ecosystem.

Not to mention, that both of them are playable tokens in Taco Racers, the first third-party game of the Taco Universe.

But, now it’s time to introduce one more…


How to Collect ONI

Are you hungry for ONI?! As you will see by reading this article, ONI plays an important role in our new games.

ONI can be obtained by staking TACO/SHING directly from inside the Taco Universe App or on the Taco Website. Every day, 1% of the staked TACO and SHING inside the pool are burned. You can also unstake TACO and SHING after 72 hours since your last stake.

Staking is fixed with a 1 TACO : 10,000 SHING ratio and the amount of daily ONI generated depends on the overall community staking quantity. There are seven community thresholds which can be reached:

ONI generation Index

ONI Distribution

The ONI pool opens on the 4th of July. Generated ONI are distributed every day to pool members and Venue owners, therefore, the first ONI will be distributed on the 5th of July.

The 80% of the daily generated ONI goes to the pool members, based on their pool share.

The other 20% goes to Venue owners. This % is distributed between Venue Owners considering all Venues Levels and the single owner Venues Levels, based on this formula:


Another good looking NFT…

ONI is akin to a burning flame, and you can’t hold fire with your hands!

You will need Collectors to accumulate ONI. whether you are earning from your pool share or the Venue Owners share (or both),

Get collectors now:
Open Drop
Secondary market

Collectors are upgradable NFTs which accumulate your mined ONI, and keep them until you claim.

The rarer the Collector is, the greater gathering power it has. In order to upgrade Collectors, players will need Ta-cores.

Collectors Daily Gathering Power and Level Up

You will need to activate Collectors in order for them to accumulate ONI. In this phase there will be a maximum of 20 slots per user for Collectors.

You can manage collectors either on the Taco Universe App or the Taco Website:
📱 https://onelink.to/tacouniverse
💻 tacocrypto.io/collectors

This mechanic — combined with the Community Staking thresholds and Venue Owners perk — makes ONI the most strategic token of the Taco Universe. Players will need to be wise in order to avoid wasting them.

Collectors will be as important for the Taco Universe as Venues and Extractors. ONI is the key to gain rewards from Brigade: Quest, Brigade: Arena and Acryptia, but also to make Series Two Extractors work, as they will need ONI to produce at maximum capacity.

Because of this, everyone will be able to get them in Third Taco Universe Drop — Collectors!

Taco Universe Drop — Collectors

On July 1st, at the very end of the Venues Month, we are going to drop Series One Collectors in the Third Taco Universe Drop.

Starting at 17:00 UTC, we are dropping 4,950 Common Collectors for 12$ each.

Yes, there won’t be packs! But, as always, there will be the a whitelist for VIPs!

  1. 17:00 UTC, Taco VIP, 300 Collectors
    Taco VIP will be able to claim up to 3 Collectors, with 10 minute resets. VIP price: 10$.
  2. 17:00 UTC, Public, 4,650 Collectors
    During the first 5 minutes of the public sale, only the holders of at least one Taco NFT will be able to get Collectors. After 5 minutes, the sale will be opened to everyone. Anyone will be able to claim up to 2 Collectors, with 15 second resets.

Snapshot will be taken on the 30th of June.

Drop Link: https://neftyblocks.com/c/taco/drops/123465

Token Purpose

ONI is the strategic token of the Taco Universe. It’s the key to play and progress in Brigade: Quest, Brigade: Arena, Acryptia and any future Taco Game.

You will need ONI to start missions in Quest, Arena and Acryptia and earn rewards based on your success rate, league rankings, checkpoints and games won.

And… ONI will be the key to making Series Two Extractors work!

Now, let’s go in-depth on the awesome games we have coming up which will make use of ONI!


Welcome to Acryptia

The First Venue to 🔼 Level 300 will unlock Acryptia, a skill-based, NFT Dungeon Card Game.

You will need ONI to get into Acryptia.

Players will need to finish the cards played by the computer, using spells, shields and armors to beat all the monsters inside the enemy’s deck.


Winning allows you to delve deeper into the dungeon and face stronger opponents. However, losing or stopping will conclude the game.

Season Rewards
While playing the game you can complete tasks and start earning Season Rewards. During the Season you will be able to collect up to 40 rewards: ONI, SHING, or exclusive NFTs. The season will last around two months.

Every day you will be able to play for free, but you won’t be able to collect Season Rewards without activating the brazier. You will need to use ONI to light the brazier and keep the flame alive.

You don’t need anything more to play Acryptia. However, you will be able to increase your chance of winning by using Gear and Skill NFTs.


More HP, increased defense or attack, special abilities: Gear NFTs are staked before the game and power up your player card. We are going to drop a small amount of Gear NFTs before release.

Just a few of them


Skills are NFT cards which you will be able to find and use during the game. By putting them in the deck, Skill cards are burnt, whether you use them or not. They will be released later on in the game.

Venue Owners Rewards

Players will need to select a Venue before playing the game. Venues gain points for each game played. Based on these points, Venues rank up in the Acryptia leaderboard and gain SHING rewards every 2 weeks.

Acryptia Roadmap:

  1. Web version of the game
  2. Skills release
  3. Boss battles
  4. PvP
  5. Mobile

Brigade: Quest

Quest is the PvE (Player versus Environment) evolution of our Free to Earn. By using ONI, you will be able to start a mission with your Taconian (more info further on).

Your Taconian will face off against a variety of missions in different settings and environments. To give it the greatest chance of survival, you will need to equip it with the optimal NFTs each time to get the best results and rewards.

The Pach’Hin Shores, where the journey begins

How to solve the Quest? At the beginning of every mission there will be a riddle and you will need to figure out what the right pieces of equipment to use are (up to 3).

Based on the result (Equipment + Environment + RNG), your Taconian will earn SHING, Experience Points and complete Season Rewards tasks.

By using Enhanced Equipment, you will get a bonus in SHING and Experience points based on the Enhancement Level: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum. This bonus applies only for the players who pick the right Equipment.

You will need to stake Equipment before starting the mission, and each mission will take a different amount of time to be solved.

There is a free to play mechanic for Quest. One free Quest mission per day is granted to all users. It will help users reach Season Rewards, Achievements, and gain Experience Points, but it will not give immediate rewards in SHING.

Venue Owners Rewards
Users will need to select a Venue before playing the game. Quest entrances are paid in ONI. The Venue Owners set a fee which will be withdrawn from the players’ earnings at the end of the mission.

Brigade: Arena

Arena is the PvP (Player versus Player) expansion of Brigade. In this auto battle game, you will face other players in competitive duels within the Taco Universe Coliseum. To get into the arena you will need ONI.

Every won duel will award you with Ranking points. Every loss will decrease your Ranking Points.

Ranking points are crucial to advance in the Leagues, and earn more rewards when League Level resets (every two weeks). Arena rewards are Ranking Based and, because of this, you will need to prove yourself to gain the best prizes.

Every player will be able to use up to three pieces of Brigade Equipment: Power, Luck and… Pace, will affect the chances of winning.

You will need to stake Equipment before jumping into the arena, and a tough fight might leave your Taconian wounded.

There will be a free to play mechanic also for Arena. The first two Leagues will be playable without the use of ONI. From the third League upwards, Arena entrances are paid in ONI.

Venue Owners Rewards
Users will need to select the Venue they want to represent, before playing the game. Venues gain points for every duel. Based on these points, Venues rank up in the Arena leaderboard and gain rewards every 2 weeks.

Leagues: Beginner, Amateur, Silver, Gold, Dream

Quest & Arena — Season Rewards, Taconians, and more

So Many Combinations!

With such a huge range of equipment pieces, environments, random modifiers and enemies, Quest and Arena are going to have more than 10 billion different combinations, making Brigade one of the most articulate games on WAX!

In both Quest and Arena, you will be able to use up to 3 different pieces of Brigade equipment.

Unified Seasons Rewards
Each season lasts two months and both Quest and Arena will contribute towards Season Rewards. Every season has 40 different Achievements to reach, and for every completed Achievement you will instantly win a prize. Prizes are SHING, Experience Points, ONI, Collab and exclusive NFTs, Equipment, Cosmetics and more.

With ONI, Quest and Arena, things are getting hotter in the Taco Universe, and it’s time to unveil another massive addition to this world!

In order to succeed in Quest and Arena, you need Equipment, Enhanced Equipment, and a substantial variety of them. However there’s one more thing you need, it won’t be you fighting in the arena, but your Taconians!

Taconians are Avatar NFTs, upgradable and customizable, which will be distributed before the launch of Quest and Arena.

The Experience Taconians receive in Quest will allow them to Level Up and become more competitive in Arena and for future Quest missions.

Taconians are also customizable with Cosmetics NFTs to stand out in the Taco Universe.

Ultimately, Taconians will have a cooldown before they can be used again: in fact they will be somewhere else trying to solve a mission in Quest, or wounded after an epic fight in Arena. So players will be able to use more than 1 Taconian to be able to play multiple games.

We can’t wait to release it to the world!

Thank you for reading. Join our Discord, Telegram and Twitter to be always up to date!




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