A TACOMIC Look at #DRAWLLOWEEN: All About TRUMP Greatest Hits, Super Job!

A Rotting Trumpkin
TRUMP, Return from the DEAD
Rudy Ghouliani — Mummy Munday
I’ve got a Hunchback
Tentacle Tuesday
Better Gnomes and Goblins for Trump
Entombed / Horcrux Destroyed
Mad Science Monday
Fog and Myst
Phantom Phriday (pussy haunts back)
Full Moon Baturday
8 legs 1000 eggs of hate
Slimy Swamps and Foggy Bogs
hate came from outer space
Cthulu Cthursday
Nasty Woman
He’s Dummy, Doll. No Puppet.
Mechanical Monstrosity, Believe Me.
Invasion of the Normalcy Snatchers
Horses and Headless Small Men