JIM “The Man” Jensen for Port of Tacoma Commissioner ?

Story of a Vile Internet troll White Supremacist living on Fox Island who wanted to run for Public Office

UPDATE: 7/10/2017 JIM JENSEN has withdrawn from the race due to his secret racist tweets but because he withdrew too late, you can still vote for him on the primary ballot Aug 1st so if you like vile internet trolls you are in luck! But if you are a good person you will vote for somebody else, Matt Driscoll has more..

UPDATE: 6/7/17 Vicious FOX ISLAND INTERNET troll and rich white supremafefe unmasked, quits race for port commissioner!

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What we know: There was a freshly deleted twitter account “Jim the man Jensen” @jensejman ← deleted soon after the creation of the campaign twitter account → @jensenforport … FAQ: is this JIM JENSEN PORT COMMISSIONER CANDIDATE?

et tu pepe? #covfefe w. Jim “The Man” Jensen Port of Tacoma Commissioner

HERE are some GREATEST HITS from mystery JIM THE MAN JENSEN who could be [is actually] the same dude running for port commission as a public representative… enjoy