Book Review: Rhinoceros Success

Rhinoceros Success what a funny name for a leadership book.

Maybe we should start with a bit of a definition of what a Rhino leader is. It’s certainly not a republican in name only. The book describes a leader that is intense, passionate, focused and ready to charge towards a set of goals to realize a vision. Rhinos are a group of people who must have success. They see opportunities and charge towards them.

The book articulates many things that are commonplace in leadership circles like written goal setting, singular focus, visualization, attitude, being a life long learner, having thick skin and running with other successful people. Yet the author does present them in a fun way throughout the course of his work. He is even carefult to talk about both physical, spiritual, and relational fitness.

Some of these things at times can seem to stand in antithesis to the gospel, but it was interesting to see the author circle around to the necessity of having God in your life in later chapters. He clearly attempted to present the conclusion from a distinctly Christian perspective. Much of the work truely can be found in other contexts and with greater detail, but it seems the book was written to be a quick and inspiring read.

I must admit that on reading the first few chapters a huge concern jumped into my mind. If met some leaders who charge forward diligently after goals and a big vision while trampling everyone in their path leaving a trail of carnage behind them. So yes they may reach this goal and realize their vision but at what cost?

I was appreciative in later chapters that the book maybe buffetted that full speed ahead with somewhat of a Godly balance. In those closing chapters he presents biblical truths like don’t let money be your God, understanding God’s will, and reading the Bible regularly as a primary source of wisdom as words to live by.

In all the book is inspiring and if put into practice should yield real results in the life of a reader. If we can develop a healthy lifestyle free from worry and fear, without excuses and with a mix of God sized audacity that is a great thing.

I think all of us can have a tendency to fall back into a state of lethergy or as he calls it being a cow from time to time and maybe some of us can even get stuck there. If your stuck or simply looking for some inspiration this book might just be what you need.

The world truely does need more healthy Rhinos can charge ahead and make things happen as long as they value and don’t trample on people in the process.

So — Go buy the book and enjoy it then comment and tell me what you think!