Speech of the Director of National Intelligence-elect

The reform we need will come from me.
In a time of unstable nations and unforeseen problems, I will clear a path through the rubble.

Greetings. I am Director of National Intelligence-elect Deferend. I’m excited to be able to work towards a better America.

Our government remains created for the people, by the people, and of the people. However, the people we choose to become our nation’s integral defenders must be of sound mind and heart. I chose to do this job because I value integrity, intelligence, and kindness. They have become and will remain my core values, now and forever.

As Director of National Intelligence, my main priority would be to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America by analyzing crucial information and intelligence, in a fashion similar to what many people assume the National Security Agency does. I would focus on reforming my agencies and ensuring the continual integrity and transparency of our intelligence agencies.

One of my biggest concerns in government is political influence. Three words could turn the world upside-down: “I’ll vote if…” The separation of government work and politics is tantamount in importance to the separation of church and state. I refuse to allow politics to influence my work, or my subordinates’. No agency should ever be subject to the cesspool of damage that comes from allowing yourself to be purely political. That’s why, as DNI, I would ensure that my agencies, my staff, and my government, would become the most respected agencies they could possibly be.

The GUSA Intelligence Community.

Our Intelligence Community is dangerously inactive. We cannot allow our agencies to become dead masses. As DNI, I would ensure that we create the most effective plans to reform our agencies. FBI Intelligence, CIA, NSA, everything will run like a well-oiled machine. With the proper leadership, the proper plans, we can become the best on ROBLOX.

In short, my message to the American people is this:

I do solemnly swear and affirm that I will, to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same. I take this position freely, with no mental reservation. It is my duty to serve, my honor, and my pride. God bless you, and God bless these United States of America.


Director of National Intelligence-elect

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