School Isn’t Uber And Never Should Be
Shanna Peeples

I completely agree with your battle for public school. I was fortunate enough to go through a public system that at the time was ranked 7th in the world. Since more of it became private, or as I like to call it “Dial-your-own-schooling” it has dropped 10 places and looking to drop another 10 more.

However I see the same flaw in your argument, not because you over value public schooling — far from it. You are under valuing public schooling in your analogy of Uber. Schools aren’t becoming Uber, schools have always been a transport system. Uber is worthless with out the roads, Delta is worthless without the airports, Amtrak is worthless without the rails……..public schools are public infrastructure and set the foundation for the education system. Without them we are building on unproven ground. Without them we make lose all out structures of privatisation. Without them, after the storm hits — there will be no evidence there was a core education system at all.

Without public schooling, the average population will become neglected, and thus Americans will be forever known as backwards. Public schools are the way forward for America to have a great education system. No on cares about the best private schools anymore, especially with the low barriers to entry. No one cares about the best colleges anymore with the erosion via web based, self paced, learning programs that offer the same content. The best alumni these premier schools usually have is the people who dropped out.

Public schools offer the most effective lift of a nation. Without this core fundamental education, how can you possibly expect to make America great again? how can you possibly fix everything else in this country when the average person can’t even comprehend it?

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