Democrats Admit We Need Jobs.

Last night President Trump tweeted an implied threat to send in the Feds to stop the escalation of violent gun crimes and murders occurring in Chicago. This is in response to early stats released by authorities showing crime rates in 2017 already outpacing 2016 (which was at a devastating level).

In response, the Rev. Jesse Jackson tweeted out:

“We need a plan, not a threat. We need jobs, not jails […] A good analysis precedes the prognosis.” — NY Times

I commend the Reverend for his astute observation, but I was under the impression that the unemployment rate is great … the economy is great … the state of the country is great … thus the democrats’ agenda is successful.

Where was this truth during the democrat’s campaigning in 2016? Why couldn’t they say the economy is better than it was, but we have serious holes in it. The common man is suffering? Instead, we get stonewalling, blustering and excuse making.

How about some honest mirror looking and admit to ourselves, we have real problems to fix and, JUST FOR ONCE, try to fix them without pouting about who won the election.