Don’t feed your craving for romance:
5 surprising lessons I learned from Buddhist nuns about dating and relationships
Jessica Semaan

I’m learning this recently! I’m living in Spain so I don’t have as much access to American culture (music, movies, etc) and I’ve really noticed a difference in what I think about and how I feel about myself. In the past few weeks particularly I’ve noticed I can be feeling perfectly fine, and then if I listen to a love song or watch a show about a relationship, suddenly I get really worked up about a romantic sitution that was otherwise causing me no angst whatsoever. And instead of indulging in the feeling of wanting, which is quite tempting, I’ve started to immediately cut it off and distract myself with something not so emotional. And the feeling goes away before it latches on (which is then near impossible to get rid of!)

Good advice from the nuns!

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