Day 16. Trip to Sacramento

The California State Capitol building

Today we decided to visit Sacramento, which is a California state capital. We found two interesting attractions there.

One of them was the State Capitol Building, which is a home to the government of California. We even managed to see the ongoing protest:

The second attraction was Old Sacramento Historic District, where you can feel like back in the 19th century for its architecture and historic buildings.

Old Sacramento historic railway
Historic buildings in Old Sacramento
Historic buildings in Old Sacramento
Old cars in Old Sacramento

On the way back to San Francisco a must visit place is Berkeley University campus for a walk or a drive-through.

Find some time to walk or drive up the hill to get the excellent view to Oakland and San Francisco. It is located in the North of Berkeley central buildings.

Oakland scenery with Berkeley University in front of it

We’re starting our wrap-up, since only a few days of our stay in the United States left. Tomorrow we’re going to spend the day in San Francisco old town