Day 6. Wine tasting at Napa Valley

V. Sattui Winery grapeyard

Me and Dominyka are wine lovers and we have some belowed varieties of grape species. While there’s a number of world famous wineries nearby, we couldn’t miss a chance to visit them.

Our host Karolis took us to the V. Sattui Winery in the Napa Valley to taste the local wines. To keep the authenticity, this local winery doesn’t do mass production and only sells the wines in their local shop.

So we had a chance to taste the local merlot, pinot noir, riesling and others throughout the day.

Grapeyards in the Napa
Young grapes
Selection of local wines
Glasses prepared for wine tasting
Accessories for wine lovers
Tasting in progress
Karolis, Dominyka and me
Coco prefers water to wine :)

Tomorrow we’re leaving San Francisco for a trip south to Los Angeles. A lot have been seen and experienced, even more coming up.

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