Day 8. Road south to Los Angeles

Peaceful Santa Barbara beach

We get up after a sleepover in the middle of the road from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Today our plan is to see as much as possible in the seaside road and reach LA until the sunset.

Our plan works perfectly and we manage to visit Morro Bay, Santa Barbara (in Lithuania known after the famous TV series), Malibu (we even have a club in Vilnius named by this place) and some stunning views during the stops at the mountain road.

San Simeon rocky beach
Morro Rock at the Morro Bay. A 177 m volcanic plug.
Streetd of Santa Barbara
Stearns Wharf – pier in the harbor of Santa Barbara
Carpinteria Harbor Seal Preserve
Carpinteria Harbor Seal Preserve.
Mountain road to Malibu
Coffee stop at Malibu
Malibu beach

We have 2 nights to get to know Los Angeles before going to Las Vegas. It’s 8PM and we’re off to the Griffith Observatory to see LA lights from the top.