Dating in a Post-Tinder World, When You’re No Longer in Your 20s
Farina J. Situmorang

Good stuff.

Get rid of your ‘criteria’ all together, and just ‘go with it’.

Your ‘criteria’ is scientifically proven to be holding you back.

You may meet a guy who didn’t go to college who is intelligent, insightful and possibly has a great career.

The ‘point’ of wanting to date someone with a degree is probably those things, so drop it.

Drop all of it.

I’m not kidding about the ‘scientific’ — A female researcher did an analysis of women v. men in dating, and that was the biggest factor — women and there ‘long checklists’. Men don’t use checklists, and are usually not looking for something specific — more or less someone who is *not* stupid, *not* completely ugly, *not* out of shape, *not* annoying. So girls who are just ‘the minimum’ at least across the board, are better than some who are possibly ‘very pretty’ but are really bad in some other areas (i.e. high maintenance).

I suggest it’s social and genetic: women have more at stake, i.e. more likely to end up with the offspring.

But great post.

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