An Open Letter to Managers of Women
Jason Shen

Hey , Mr. Chivalrous Virtue Signaller.

Jason Shen — now you’ve made your gushing case, you can be respected by progressives everywhere.

— -> This articles was repulsively patronizing and paternalistic.

A) Most women get paid the same as men when they are doing the same jobs. This has been shown over and over again. The ‘gender gap’ only exists because women do different work. Corporations work hard to make sure of this, and places like Amazon, Google etc. have 99.9% compliance.

Most HR teams have ‘categories’ people are paid it and it pretty much forces a degree of equality.

B) Maybe you’re from an inherently sexist culture, or your parents were sexist, so you think that women are weak and need to be protected by strong, progressive men such as yourself? Because that’s the message it seems.

C) You have utterly no idea what managers are thinking about their female employees, and you’re in no position to tell them anything.